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15 Magical Vines That Are Almost Too Good To Share

Sometimes you just want to keep the good stuff to yourself. Even awesome Vines. Or Taco Bell's Loaded Grillers. Simply #TooGoodToShare.

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1. The only thing that will get you up in the morning? T-shirt breakfast.

2. Million-mile trick shot? Sure. Dubai? Ok.

3. Whoa, man. Relax.

4. Classic video game theme songs and an hour to kill. What more could you possibly want.

5. Did it take an entire season to make this Vine? Was it worth it? Obviously, yes.

6. Never apologize for your frisbee skills. Or for taping your phone to your frisbee, and throwing it. Own it.

7. Because ain't NO one got time for the cubicle lifestyle.

8. Take what's yours. Apologize later.

9. Fancy restaurant pie is out. Homemade is in. Look how easy!

10. Who on earth would pay $15 for a 3D movie when you can just do this for free. Seriously.

11. That's neat. Gonna need those quarters back, though.

12. Oh, jelly beans!! You can have the black ones.

13. FWUMP. Call everyone you know, we're going sledding.

14. A Vine as impressive as it is redundant.


Appetizers for one. Try the new Chipotle Ranch Chicken and Chili Cheese Fries Loaded Grillers. #TooGoodToShare