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13 Tweets That Should've Never Been Shared

From the awkward overshare to the embarrassing mistake, these people should have kept these tweets to themselves. Some things are better left unshared, just like the Taco Bell Loaded Grillers, amazing appetizers you don't have to share.

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I wonder if YOLO is a good enough reason to call in sick from school.


Ugh, got a massive rash on my face...


Stole these cute little pepper and salt shakers from a restraunt (^.^)


The only person I hate more than my ex-wife Tammy is my first ex-wife Tammy.


My evil alter eagle keeps hacking me


i will not sugar code anything for anyone anymore. so tired of being nice to people who don't deserve it


If I've learned anything it's you can't take what you have for granite


"Whats a consonant?" "Seriously? Any letter that isnt a vowel" "Oh ya. I was thinking it was like an adjective, which I def dont understand"


I'ma stop tweeting about my intament life cuz like 10 people came up to me asking me who my bae was


am I weird for thinking my cousin is really hot....btw were not close so I'm not that creepy


Stop acting like your a wise genious cause youre actually stupid and wrong


im goin to a fish fry later and im gonna get drunk in a church and pray to the lord


I just ran a red light but the camera was frozen over so it didn't take a picture