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    10 Great Color Palettes Inspired By Game Of Thrones

    If you're looking for inspiration, look no further.


    Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea


    The Mother of Dragons inspires us with beautiful and calming pastels, along with earthly tones. This could turn into a very pretty living room. Or nursery, for your dragon babies.



    I know, not our favorite part of the story. But, Dorne has very rich aesthetics and beautiful mediterranean colors, so lustful and chic. It could be your new bedroom or lounge.

    Winter is Coming


    Now, forget the sun a little bit and let's walk North. The cold and bloody North. The House Stark might bring darker tones but it's full of heart, aye ❤

    Hear Me Roar!


    It's such a love and hate relationship, isn't it? House Lannister, what a mess. But it's the same house who brought our greatest hero. And for that, they deserve a place on the list. Also, it's very fancy.

    What Is Dead May Never Die


    Traveling to distant lands, you may find some inspiration from the salt and iron, from the dark and mysterious seas of the House Greyjoy.



    The Dothraki are a race of nomadic horse-mounted warriors. Khal Drogo inspired us all, with a mix of sand tones and blue body painting. A new dining room?

    And Now My Watch Begins


    It's not exactly a rich and colorful palette but if you're looking for all sources of inspiration, take the Night's Watch oath for your home.



    Now, let's warm up and walk around the garden, see the roses. House Tyrell might be full of drama and betrayal but it has an inspiring color collection. Just be careful with the thorns.

    Fire and Blood


    Well, if you're more into a hot and exciting ambient, go with the Targaryen palette. Because, why not. Dracarys!

    Free Folk


    If your heart runs free, escape with the Wildlings. Go see the forests and the ice, fight battles and be inspired by the unknown.

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