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15 Of The Best Boozy Brunch Pairings Ever

Who needs a crowded brunch hotspot when you can have the finest brunch cuisine and cocktails at your home? Did we mention they serve bottomless drinks? Get brunch inspiration with these suggestions and more from tablespoon.

1. Cheese and Bacon-filled Waffles With a Smoky Bacon Bloody Mary

Yes, this exists. Yes, it is delicious and can be all yours. Pair your sweet and savory waffles with a spicy and smoky Bloody Mary.

2. Five-ingredient Quiche With a Spring Beer Cocktail

This quiche is an easy and hearty meal. Pair it with the perfect pilsner: its light fruity spring notes will bring out the best of your meal.

3. Bacon Cinammon Brunch Rolls With a Ramos Gin Fizz

This itself is a pairing too perfect for words. Wash it all down with this delicious cocktail.

4. Fruity Fireworks Pancakes With a Mimosa

Add a little patriotic pizzazz to your pancakes. Don't overcomplicate things too much — enjoy your fruity pancakes with a classic mimosa that's always refreshing.

5. Impossibly Easy Breakfast Bake With a Mexican Michelada Cocktail

This casserole is a great crowd-pleaser and super easy to make. Enjoy it with a southern take on the Bloody Mary: mixing beer and spicy tomato juice.

6. Confetti Egg Cups With an Apple-Green Tea Cocktail

These ham quiche cups are bite-sized bliss. Pair the light, salty taste of the confetti cups with this fruity green tea cocktail.

7. Coconut and Mango Parfaits With a Mango-Peach Champagne Cocktail

These cups are great for a quick meal or a perfect side dish to start. Pair those with this succulent mango and champagne cocktail.

8. Upside-down Banana-Walnut French Toast With a Coconut Creamsicle Margarita

Take your French toast to the next level with this irresistible brunch recipe. Pair the soft, warm sweetness of the French toast with this light and creamy margarita.

9. Overnight Gingered Fruit Bowl With an Easy Grapefruit Cocktail

This lime- and ginger-infused bowl helps add a little zest to your fruit. Add more fruit and quench your thirst with this mouth-watering cocktail.

10. Make-ahead Pumpkin-Cream Cheese Pancake Bake With a Guava Basil Daiquiri

This warm cream cheese pancake bake is a perfect blend of fall spices. The basil in this daiquiri will help neutralize the fruit and pair perfectly with the pancake bake.

11. Apple-Sausage-Cheddar Breakfast Bake With Apple Pie Moonshine

A touch of apple takes this breakfast casserole to the next level. The apple pie moonshine will complement the casserole perfectly.

12. Fruit and Pastry Breakfast Kabobs With A Dark And Stormy Cocktail

Bananas and strawberries between light and fluffy pastries make for the best breakfast kabobs. Pair the pastry sticks with this tangy and fruity favorite.

13. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Brunch Ring With a Silly Rabbit Ice Cream Cocktail

This brunch ring is too easy and too good to be true. Get a little wacky with your pairings and give this Trix®-inspired cocktail a whirl.

14. Overnight Maple French Toast With a Kentucky Citrus Champagne Cocktail

Let this soak overnight so it's full of flavor and easy to serve. Your sweet French toast will go perfect with this light, citrusy cocktail.

15. Bananas Foster French Toast With a Cinammon Toast Crunch® Cocktail

So much goodness in one glob, it's hard to resist this French toast. What's even more irresistible is this boozy take on a childhood favorite.