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This Tumblr Perfectly Captures Lunchtime During Ramadan

"Food porn for the (hungry, but) spiritually engaged"

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Fasting during Ramadan means not being able to eat lunch at work. That also means not being able to post pics of all the food you could be eating. There's just a lot of food-related FOMO all month long.

The Ramadan Desk Lunch Tumblr perfectly sums up this struggle.

Dining al fresco just isn't the same...

You have to be creative with your brown paper bag lunch.


And you finally begin to understand what Katy Perry was talking about all along.

These are all struggles fasting Muslims can relate to. The Tumblr user behind "Ramadan Desk Lunch" told BuzzFeed: "I thought it would be a fun personal challenge to come up with a lunch blog with no food that fellow fasters might appreciate."

But don't worry Eid is just around the corner and you can go back to eating real spaghetti and meatballs.

Although these do look pretty good.