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    The 18 Most Epic Expressions Of Love One Could Only Hope For

    Romance all-stars.

    1. This heart-shaped token of affection:

    2. This heavenly work of poetry:

    3. The sweetest thing anyone has ever said:

    4. This cosmic love:

    5. The cutest couple ever:

    6. This thoughtful expression of eternal love:

    7. This passionate kiss:

    8. This lustful text:

    9. This couple's unwavering commitment:

    10. This simmering confession:

    11. This precious rhyme:

    12. This most ardent love:

    13. This touching simile:

    14. This all-consuming love:

    15. This valentine:

    16. This modern romance:

    17. The greatest love letter ever written:

    18. This heartfelt message: