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19 Reasons Why Halal Cart Is The Most Perfect Food

The most beautiful words ever uttered: "Hot sauce? White sauce?"

1. It's basically art:

2. And the halal guys are the artists:

3. 😍

4. The math is clear:

5. It's the greatest value in the world:

Is there any greater pleasure/price ratio for food in Manhattan than the halal cart?

6. The smell is heaven:

7. Hot sauce/white sauce is like the yin/yang of flavor:

8. It's the perfect late-night food:


9. You literally don't even care if you have to wait in a long line:


10. Because it's worth it:


11. All this deliciousness in a convenient styrofoam container:

12. The couple that halals together stays together:


13. My anaconda don't want none unless you want the combo platter, hon:

Honestly if you don't get as excited as I do when you see a halal cart we can't date ✋

14. You just "need it in you":


Halal, is it me you're looking for?

16. And the pain of separation is deep:

when you pass by a halal cart but don't have any cash on you to buy anything

17. So, it's pretty devastating when things don't work out:

18. Basically, halal cart can achieve world peace: