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22 Types Of People Who Have Tried To Holler At You

If you have an ass that won't quit, they will persist.

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1. The type who really wants your number:

Warner Bros. Television / Via

"What's your name delicate?"

2. The type who is a hot drunk mess:

HBO / Via Tumblr

Hot. But still a drunk mess.

3. The type who gets to the point:


One point for directness?

4. The type who makes you fear for your safety:


I can't tell what he wants. I really don't want to know.

5. The Type who hollers with his entire body:

Universal Pictures / Via

No thanks.

6. The type who flirts with his eyes:

NBC / Via

Is it a twitch? Who can tell.

7. The intense musician type:


Please don't serenade me on the subway platform.

8. The type that rivals Dracula in creepiness:

Paramount Pictures / Via


9. The type with his own catchphrase:

Warner Bros. Television / Via

I'm fine. Thank You.

10. The overly confident prepubescent type:

NBC / Via

OMG. How old are you?!

11. The Cougar type:

Nickelodeon / Via

OMG. How old am I?!

12. The type who makes your commute super uncomfortable:

The Weinstein Company / Via

As if public transportation wasn't uncomfortable enough.

13. The type who hollers with an exaggerated 'DAMN':

New Line Cinema / Via

That was unnecessary.

14. The type who literally catcall:

Universal Pictures / Via

Meow. Rawr. Growl. = NO.

15. The type with high standards:

Lakeshore Entertainment / Via

Thanks for that inner monologue.

16. The type who gets too 'fresh':

NBC / Via

Personal space! Where are you?!

17. The type who should be in a 'Just For Men' commercial:

Warner Bros. Television / Via


18. The type that doesn't wear deodorant:

Warner Bros. / Via


19. The type with TMI:

ABC Studios / Via

I'm not your therapist.

20. The type who waves:

Village Roadshow Pictures / Via


21. The type who does this at a party:

20th Century Fox Television / Via

Go home.

22. The OG Type:

Comedy Central / Via

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