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20 People Who Desperately Need Your Love

We're not all Rolling in the D.

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1. Jessica:

2. Rian:

3. The road not taken:

4. This guy:

5. This Nympho:

6. Conner Hart:

7. This person who may not be hungry - but is definitely thirsty:

8. The person who DVR'd these shows:

9. This virgin:

10. The boy who has 2 chains but no one to share them with:

11. The person who rented this DVD:

12. This sexpert:

13. The girl who doesn't know what a D feels like:

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14. Sean The Player:

15. Jeffrey:

16. This extremely forward gentleman:

17. This kid who will do anything for a "girlfriend":

18. Vladislav:

19. This boy with impossible standards:

20. This person who is tired of playing with himself:

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