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Jan 30, 2014

19 Signs You Are From Brooklyn

The County of Kings. Hipsters, go home.

1. When people ask you where you are from, you don't say New York. You say Brooklyn:

Roc-A-Fella / Via

2. People who really are from Brooklyn know that hipster artisanal cheese nonsense has nothing to do with the real Brooklyn:


Sorry, Brooklyn transplants.

3. You refer to Manhattan as "the city":

4. Sneakers hanging from power lines is your version of installation art:

5. Coney Island and Luna Park (forever Astro Land in our hearts) is your version of a beach vacation:


No matter how dirty the water is - Coney Island is a Brooklyn hallmark.

6. You spend summer nights at the Promenade:

7. And Prospect Park:

8. The skyline is pretty awesome. But the Kentile Floors sign is iconic:

9. You're down to earth. That's how your momma raised you:

United Artists / Via

10. But you secretly know you're slightly better than everyone else 'cause you're from Brooklyn:

Def Jam / Via


11. There's nothing like a Brooklyn girl:

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Charles Hamilton/Interscope / Via

12. You can whip out a Brooklyn accent at a drop of a hat. But you tuck it away because it can come off too strong:


13. You have a ridiculous amount of Brooklyn pride:


14. When the Nets came to Brooklyn, you obviously showed them love:


15. You gotta dance whenever you hear Biggie:

16. And Beastie Boys:

Def Jam/Columbia Records
Def Jam/Columbia Records

17. Brooklyn has a certain je ne sais quoi. When haters (cough Queens cough) ask what's so great about Brooklyn — you say everything:

18. Even when you leave Brooklyn — it always stays with you. Because there really is no other place like it:

Uptown Records / Via

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