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17 Signs Winter Is Killing You Softly

Stupid "Polar Vortex."

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1. It's freezing outside. And you're pissed!

Schulz / Via

2. Nobody wants to get with this ... because you have the flu.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

3. Your heater is now your lover:

4. This is what happens when you leave your warm bed:

5. Your skin is so dry, you are contemplating changing your name to "Ashy Larry":

Comedy Central / Via

6. You look like this every time you step out of your house into the frigid cold:

NBC / Via

7. Could you be wearing anymore clothes?

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

8. But no matter how much you layer up, you are still freezing:

NBCUniversal Television / Via

9. Walking is more difficult than you remember:

Disney / Via

10. This is what happens when you try to cross the street:

11. But if you do have to leave your house, it's quite the ordeal:

12. Yet you are still expected to carry on your normal routine:

13. The cold is cramping your style:

NBCUniversal Television / Via

14. And of course this tragedy:

15. Forget Zumba, this is now your exercise routine:

Gramercy Pictures / Via

16. You'll resort to almost anything to generate some warmth:

New Line Cinema / Via

17. Stupid Polar Vortex:

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

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