16 Ways Technology Has Made Dating More Difficult Than It Needs To Be

IDK just FML.

1. First dates are boring because you’ve already stalked your date’s life on Facebook:

20th Television / Via tumblr.com

2. There is no pain quite like the pain of someone not replying to your text:

True Entertainment / Via tumblr.com

3. And when you do get a text, it’s nothing short of hieroglyphics:

MTV / Via tumblr.com

4. Calling someone is now considered coming on too strong:

Comedy Central / Via tumblr.com

5. But if you do manage to get someone on the phone, the chemistry just isn’t like it was while you were texting:

Universal Television / Via tumblr.com

6. Drunk texting can be fatal…to your relationship:

20th Century Fox Television / Via tumblr.com

7. And Skype dating is just plain awkward:

HBO / Via tumblr.com

8. Plus this is happening:

Netflix / Via tumblr.com

9. It takes a team of highly trained experts to decipher the meaning of a single email:

20th Century Fox Television / Via tumblr.com

10. Because as we all know, a winky face is never just a winky face:

Universal Television / Via tumblr.com
Universal Television / Via tumblr.com
Universal Television / Via tumblr.com
Universal Television / Via tumblr.com

11. The only way to check the status of your relationship is now literally to check someone’s status:

12. And this sad truth:

New Line Cinema / Via tumblr.com

13. But thanks to Facebook, you have a front-row seat to your ex’s new dating life:

Summit Entertainment / Via tumblr.com

14. Or your ex will spare you the discomfort and just de-friend you:

15. It’s all just too much:

Universal Television / Via tumblr.com

16. We might as well just date our computers:

ABC Studios / Via tumblr.com

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