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15 Signs You Are Emotionally Unavailable


1. You say this at least once a day:

2. This is your response when someone tells you they love you:

3. This is your smile:

4. WTF is a "feeling"?

5. This is how you hug people:

6. Your friends are always pushing you to care about your personal life:

7. This is your philosophy:

8. You're Kristen Stewart:

9. You don't shed a single tear while watching Titanic:

10. The Tin Man ain't got nothin on you:

11. Holding hands makes you uncomfortable:

12. That movie No Strings Attached was based on your life:

13. You're not very good at consoling overly emotional people:

14. People tell you that you are emotionally unavailable:

15. Whatevs. Get that dirt of your shoulder.

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