You Can Order A Martini With Moisture From Churchill’s Bunker’s Walls In It

So gross slash cool.

1. Science boffins have invented a new kind of martini - and it has moisture from the Cabinet War Rooms’ walls in it.

Shutterstock / Igor Normann

2. During WW2 the Cabinet War Rooms - which are buried 10ft beneath Whitehall - were used as a military command centre.

Churchill made four broadcasts to the nation from them, and he often slept there during bombing raids when it was too dangerous to get to Downing Street.

“Nearly everybody smoked,” stenographer Joy Hunter told the Telegraph “so it was a very smoky atmosphere.”

3. And now the moisture from the walls has been extracted in order to create bitters for a martini.

Shutterstock / Igor Normann

The bitters, which have been created by the Experimental Food Society and the Robin Collective, also include cigar tobacco, British orchard fruits, berries, nuts and rosehip, to represent the roses that Churchill’s wife sent to him daily.

The war rooms martini will be available from 1st November at the Churchill Bar & Terrace at Hyatt Regency London. It will cost £15.


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