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    All Three Casts Of "Skins", Then And Now

    Ever wondered what Hannah Murray, Jessica Sula, and Luke Pasqualino are up to now?

    1. Dev Patel, Anwar Kharral

    Since Skins, Dev has become a massive Hollywood star. He's been in Slumdog Millionaire and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and HBO's The Newsroom.

    2. Hannah Murray, Cassie Ainsworth

    Hannah is also pretty famous now. You're most likely to recognise her from Game Of Thrones.

    3. Nicholas Hoult, Tony Stonem

    Nicholas is still a major film star, having had roles in Warm Bodies, Mad Max: Fury Road, and X-Men: Days Of Future Past. He even dated Jennifer Lawrence.

    4. April Pearson, Michelle Richardson

    April is still acting, and has had roles in Age Of Kill and Casualty recently.

    5. Joe Dempsie, Chris Miles

    Joe is still an actor, and you're most likely to recognise him from Game Of Thrones.

    6. Mike Bailey, Sid Jenkins

    Mike was last in We Are The Freaks, a British comedy, in 2013.

    7. Larissa Wilson, Jal Fazer

    Larissa's most recent TV credit was Suspects.

    8. Mitch Hewer, Maxxie Oliver

    Right after Skins, Mitch was in Britannia High. He is still acting, and also has a YouTube channel.

    9. Aimee Ffion-Edwards, Sketch

    Aimee is still working on stage and TV, and was recently in Queen and Country, Epithet, and Under Milk Wood.

    10. Georgina Moffat, Abigail Stock

    Georgina is now a songwriter.

    11. Kaya Scodelario, Effy Stonem

    Kaya is still acting. She was in The Maze Runner film series, and has been cast as the lead female in Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Know No Tales.

    12. Luke Pasqualino, Freddie McClair

    Luke is still an actor, and is currently in The Musketeers.

    13. Merveille Lukeba, Thomas Tomone

    Merveille is acting still, and most notably appeared in TV series Making Sparks.

    14. Ollie Barbieri, JJ

    Ollie was recently in the Radio 4 play A Small Town Murder.

    15. Lisa Backwell, Pandora Moon

    Lisa acts on stage and on TV, including in Endeavour.

    16. Jack O'Connell, Cook

    Jack is a huge star now. He even won a BAFTA for his role in Angelina Jolie's Unbroken.

    17. Kathryn Prescott, Emily Fitch

    Kathryn is currently the lead role in TV series Finding Carter.

    18. Megan Prescott, Katie Fitch

    Megan works in TV, recently including Holby City.

    19. Lily Loveless, Naomi Campbell

    Lily has been in TV series Set The Thames On Fire, and The Great War: The Peoples' Story.

    20. Dakota Blue Richards, Franky Fitzgerald

    Dakota is touring with a play at the moment, but was also in ITV drama Lightfields.

    21. Will Merrick, Alo Creevey

    Will has appeared on many TV shows, including Doctor Who. But he mostly works as a stage actor now.

    22. Alexander Arnold, Rich Hardbeck

    Alexander is the lead singer of a band called Circuithouse, and has joined the cast of Poldark.

    23. Freya Mavor, Miny McGuinness

    Freya does a lot of theatre acting, but also starred in E4's mini-drama New Worlds.

    24. Laya Lewis, Liv Malone

    Laya has been in a few short films, including Beverly and The Line. She also has a blog.

    25. Jessica Sula, Grace Blood

    Jessica's first feature film is called Honeytrap.

    26. Sean Teale, Nick Levan

    Sean appears mostly in short films and on TV, including We Are The Freaks.

    27. Sebastian de Souza, Matty Levan

    Sebastian is a singer, actor, and producer. He was notably in TV series The Borgias.

    28. Sam Jackson, Alex Henley

    Sam is an actor, who has appeared in Holby City, and a composer.