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39 Welsh Rugby Players Who Want To Wrap Their Bulging Thighs Around You

Get. In. My. Bed.

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1. Morning, beautiful. Scott Baldwin wants to know if you'd like him to make you breakfast? He'll bring it to you in bed – he's getting up anyway.

10. Kristian Dacey's rushing back from rugby practice to be with you. He doesn't mind if you haven't made plans: He just wants to spend time with you.

14. Alex Cuthbert's playing rugby right now, but maybe you'd like to go for a long, romantic walk once he's done? He's been thinking about you all morning.

16. But perhaps you'd like to go for a glass of wine with Sam Warburton first? He's discovered this great new place he thinks you'll really love.

23. Hallam Amos's mum just called. She really likes you. She doesn't understand how Hallam's managed to make you fall in love with him, but she's so happy you're a part of the family now.

25. Maybe you and Jake Ball could take the dog for a walk? It's amazing how much that dog loves you: He seems to love you even more than he even loves James.

28. And seriously, stay exactly where you are: Leigh Halfpenny will make you a hot chocolate. It's no bother.

32. Do you want to go and watch George North play tomorrow? He always does so much better when he knows you're in the crowd.

It would really mean the world to him if you made it.

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