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26 Things Ryan Atwood Taught '00s Teens About Love

Spoiler: Not everyone is as perfect as Ryan.

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1. He turned up when all Marissa needed was a friend.

2. And even though he wasn't sure he was right for her...

3. He turned out to be The One.

4. He always said the right thing.

5. And punched the right people.

6. And showed up just in time.

7. Even when he was late, everything turned out OK.

8. Because Ryan was perfect.

9. And Marissa was perfect.

10. And together, they just redefined perfection.

11. He didn't always have that much to say.

12. In fact, he often kept quiet.

13. OK, fine. The man didn't speak.

14. But he did stroke Marissa's hair.

15. And he kept her warm.

16. And he faced his greatest fear just so he could be with her.

17. Besides, when Ryan did have something to say, he wasn't afraid to speak up.

18. Especially if it meant protecting Marissa.

19. So when everything got bad...

20. ... and Marissa was all alone...

21. ... and she didn't know what to do...

22. Ryan fixed it.

23. And when Marissa let him go...

24. ... the whole world screamed.

25. Because, in that moment, we all learned what it is like to have loved and lost.

26. So thanks, Ryan. We learnt everything from you.