6 Reasons Keeping A Tamagotchi Alive Is Harder Than You Remember

Spoiler: They died.



Bandai have launched a new model under the Tamagotchi Friends brand. They cost £24.99 and there are six models.

OMGGGGGG we were so excited.

We got one each. Tabatha got a pink girl. Kelly got a blue boy.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

We thought this was the beginning of a great love story.

But instead, a heart-breaking tragedy ensued.

When our Tamagotchis arrived, we were unreasonably excited.

Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed


The new models are way more advanced than the ones you had as a child. They don’t look vastly different, because they use the same grainy graphics, but MY GOD they are.

For starters, they can now communicate.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

The new models allow you to “bump” two Tamagotchis together. This involves holding them back-to-back so they can give each other presents, hang out in the same screen and text each other.

This meant our Tamagotchis went to the park together. OMG.

They also have three new games.

One of them involves catching stuff, one involves selecting specified images from the screen and the last one involves copying a sequence. They’re not ground-breaking, but they’re surprisingly addictive.

1. We encountered our first problem when our Tamagotchi eggs hatched.

Matt Tucker / BuzzFeed

Tabatha’s turned into a girl. Kelly’s turned into a duck. Not wanting to be set back, we abandoned hope of ever having grandchildren and just prayed that a girl could fall in love with a duck.

2. The next thing we learnt is that Tamagotchis are always hungry.

And no matter how many scones, bowls of pasta and WHOLE LOAVES OF BREAD you feed them, they’re never full.

“Never mind,” we thought, feeding them their 95th loaves of bread. “We’ll just head to the pub.”

Hot trend for 2014: bringing your Tamagotchis to the pub.

— Tom Phillips (@flashboy)

3. The problem is, Tamagotchis are very snoozy beings.

And so as soon as we got to the pub (and we’re talking 5.30pm on a Friday), they were asleep.

But, somehow, they still managed to make friends. Friends who enquired about their wellbeing the following morning.

Unfortunately, by that time, we were encountering new problems.

4. No matter how much we fed them or took them to the park, they were never happy.

My tamagotchi is SO SAD I don’t know what it wants anymore

— Kelly Oakes (@kahoakes)

We thought maybe they just wanted to be together.


So Kelly’s Tamagotchi jumped on the bus to Tabatha’s Tamagotchi’s house.

And then we took them dancing.

But they fell asleep during pre-drinks.

5. The next morning, when we crawled out of bed hungover, our Tamagotchis were starving.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

And lonely. And bored. And they really needed the loo.

We played games with them to make them happier.

Matt Tucker / BuzzFeed

But it wasn’t enough. Or rather, we got bored too soon. By this time, things were pretty bad.

6. That night, they died.

They shit themselves to death.

We miss you, Tamagotchi babies. We’re sorry you never had the chance to fall in love. And we’ll never forgive ourselves for killing you.

Matthew Tucker/BuzzFeed

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