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    18 Ways British People Eat Eggs The Rest Of The World Need To Learn

    Yummmm eggs.

    1. Scotch eggs

    Twitter: @scottadams1969

    A classic pub snack staple.

    2. Dippy eggs and soldiers

    Twitter: @ab4JC

    The most comforting meal of all.

    3. Eggs in cups

    Twitter: @andreabakes

    Perfectly normal, thank you very much.

    4. Scrambled eggs and beans on toast

    Twitter: @beanrush

    The Romeo and Juliet of breakfasts.

    5. Eggy bread

    Twitter: @TheGoonerette

    Not to be confused with French toast, which is much fancier.

    6. Pickled eggs

    Twitter: @ShashnaraQuinn

    The most grandad form of egg.

    7. Poached eggs and brown sauce on toast

    Twitter: @Kevbark3r

    It's a wonder no one else has cottoned onto this combination.

    8. Bubble and squeak with mushrooms and a poached egg on top

    9. Fried eggs as part of a Full English

    Twitter: @Ollie_Eats

    Will cure even the worst of hangovers.

    10. Mashed up boiled eggs on toast

    Twitter: @riding_red

    Delicious but you've gotta be in the mood.

    11. Egg and cress sandwich

    Twitter: @HeatherPhetish

    Seemed gross when you were a child, actually seems kinda nice now.

    12. Egg mayo sandwich

    Twitter: @ml_delicious

    Comforting in its own special way.

    13. Poached egg and Marmite on a crumpet

    Twitter: @markbthomson1

    Yummm get in my belly.

    14. Baked bean omelette

    Twitter: @TrevorDolan

    The perfect lunch for when you've been sent home sick from school.

    15. Kedgeree

    Twitter: @primhillkitchen

    Not for everyone, but those who love it love it.

    16. Fried egg butty

    Twitter: @twerdy71

    Preferably served with so much better that it drips out of the butty and onto your plate.

    17. Mini quiches as part of a Sunday lunch spread

    Twitter: @evadsmacuisine

    Very good for when you're catering for lots of people.

    18. And finally in custard, served straight out of the carton

    Twitter: @UneagerMother

    Anyone who tells you that custard has to be homemade is wrong.