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    24 Things Absolutely Every '00s Girl Did In The Summer

    Hello, Mizz Summer Special.

    1. Headed to your local Londis to buy the Mizz Summer Special.

    It was full of BFF quizzes, tips for customizing last season's Kookai flares, and very juicy advice pages.

    2. Visited the library to stock up on holiday reading like the Girls In Love, Georgia Nicholson, and Mates, Dates series.

    Corgi Books
    Piccadilly Press
    Piccadilly Press

    And once you'd finished reading them, you'd make an elaborate plan to write your own book and become an internationally famous teen author.

    3. Persuaded your mum to let you dribble lemon juice into your hair and sit in the sun to get chunky highlights.

    Twitter: @toetouchlou

    If it was a good enough method for Britney, it was a good enough method for you.

    4. Getting totally hooked on Shipwrecked and promising yourself that you'd apply when you were old enough.

    Channel 4

    As long as you dedicate three months to getting a banging bod first.

    5. Not missing a single episode of Big Brother, and trying to emulate all of Davina's characteristics.

    Channel 4

    She was the ultimate '00s cool girl.

    6. Getting your copy of the Jack Wills Summer Handbook and begging your parents for new flannel shorts, rah rah skirts, and polo tops.

    Twitter: @HannahLyons7

    Wearing the exact same outfit as all of your friends was the goal.

    7. Going on holiday and immediately getting a hair wrap on the beach.

    Twitter: @theSaucyRossy

    You knew it would pull a stump of your hair out, but you didn't care.

    8. Slathering your body in Johnson's Holiday Skin before you'd even think about getting into your new tankini.

    Twitter: @mrsbebeblog

    The aim was to look like Marissa from The O.C.

    9. Buying friendship bracelets and carved wooden dolphins for your friends as souveniers.

    Dolphins were 100% the trendiest animal of the '00s.

    10. Stocking up on DKNY Apple, CK In2U, and Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton at Duty Free.

    The sweeter the scent, the more you were into it.

    11. Getting very stressed out by the prospect of ~frizzy~ hair, so either covering it in salt spray to get natural waves or straightening it until it nearly fell out.

    Doug Peters / All Action Entertainment

    Frizz was the enemy of the '00s.

    12. Wandering up and down your local town's high street with a strawberry frappuccino in hand.

    Twitter: @marblelily

    You didn't have a small dog in a bag, but otherwise you looked exactly like Audrina Patridge.

    13. And eventually ending up at Tammy, where you bought a bunch of 3-for-2 thongs.

    Getty Images

    Which you pulled up higher than your jeans so everyone knew you were the kind of girl who wore a thong now.

    14. Spending all your pocket money on Choc Ices, Fabs, and Twisters.

    Tbh it was money well spent.

    15. Sitting in your local park for hours on end making daisy chains and drinking warm cider.

    16. Caking your face in Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse foundation, Benefit's Bad Gal eye liner, and Juicy Tubes lip gloss.

    Your mum always offered to re-do your make up when you left the house, but you knew you looked great without her help.

    17. Getting fiercely competitive with your friends over the Dance Dance Revolution at bowling.

    Twitter: @Tracy_Lou42

    And spending all your loose change on buying a handful of jelly beans.

    18. Going to Argos with your parents and begging for a make up set that included 20 eye shadows, 20 lipsticks, and 20 blushers.

    Twitter: @colorworkshopuk

    For £34.99 it was such a bargain.

    19. Filling your room with glitter jelly candles, Smash Hits posters, and gem trees.

    You were pretty sure Sienna Miller did the same with her room tbh.

    20. Drinking a frankly dangerous quantity of Sunny Delight.

    Twitter: @Lochlann_G

    It was orange flavoured so it counted as one of your five a day!

    21. Dedicating practically your entire school holiday to becoming a good parent to your Furby and Tamagotchi.

    You paid them more attention than your own mum paid you.

    22. Desperately trying to convince your mum that pairing a Hollister denim skirt with Uggs was 100% comfortable.

    Myung Jung Kim / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    If Kate Hudson did it, you were doing it too.

    23. Buying one of those hoodies that is also a shirt so that you could start the new school year looking ~sophisticated~ and ~stylish~ and ~sassy~.

    So chic.

    24. And finally updating your Myspace profile at the start of September to reflect the ~new you~.

    Twitter: @TempestPaige

    You were convinced this was the year you were going to get a boyfriend, lose a stone, and become as famous as JoJo.

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