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    29 UK Holiday Spots That Prove You Don't Need To Go Abroad This Summer

    The best places may not be so far away.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most underrated holiday spots in the UK. Here are the places you shouldn't miss.

    1. St. Ives, Cornwall

    Flickr: darrenflinders / Creative Commons

    Happy memories of splashing around in the sea with mum and dad.

    — Ellen Robertson, Facebook

    2. New Forest, Hampshire

    Flickr: davidgsteadman / Creative Commons

    It’s insanely huge and one of the best places to go camping.


    3. Swanage, Dorset

    Flickr: rfraser / Creative Commons

    There's a very Victorian vibe about the place: There is a steam train in the summer months which takes you to Corfe Castle, and the beach has one of the last Punch and Judy shows in the country. Brownsea Island is also nearby, you can get the ferry there, and it has some of the best fish and chips!

    — Victoria Rowlands, Facebook

    4. Whitby, Scarborough

    Flickr: darrenflinders / Creative Commons

    Beaches, the moors, the best fish and chips in the UK, steam trains, goth watching, whales and dolphins in the sea, pubs with the most amazing views, and bountiful pots of Yorkshire Tea.

    — Lauryn Culnane, Facebook

    5. Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

    Flickr: sheepies / Creative Commons

    Gorgeous beaches! And no arcades or rides so it’s always nice and chilled.


    6. Conway, North Wales

    Flickr: 39997856@N03 / Creative Commons

    Lovely atmosphere and great sea views!


    7. Falmouth, Cornwall

    Flickr: atoach / Creative Commons

    Beautiful castles, coastal walks, deepest natural harbour in Britain, and surfing. And Gylly beach is stunning.


    8. Barafundle Bay, Wales

    Flickr: rhedeg / Creative Commons



    9. Portrush, Northern Ireland

    Flickr: spatial_pan / Creative Commons

    There are really good restaurants and really pretty beaches and a lot of other things to do.


    10. Lizard, Cornwall

    Flickr: 97607362@N00 / Creative Commons

    It’s insanely out of the way but it’s so worth it. The views, the hikes, the crystal blue water, the happy farm animals… It’s the greatest place on earth.


    11. Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

    Flickr: h_is_for_home / Creative Commons

    It's a slice of paradise and completely underrated. A beautiful, expansive beach, much of which is dog friendly, and a little K-9 bathing station along with some of the best Mr Whippys in the country. Cute little beach huts and brilliant for four-pawed friends, what’s not to love?!


    12. Blackpool, Lancashire

    Flickr: 8929612@N04 / Creative Commons

    The pleasure beach, the tower, shows at the piers, and plenty of bars. Everything you need for a classic seaside holiday!


    13. Bangor, Northern Ireland

    Flickr: telemetry9 / Creative Commons

    Good restaurants and a fun park: Loads to do!


    14. The Broads, Norfolk

    Flickr: 8929612@N04 / Creative Commons

    There's a ton of really cute little places to go that can seem like they're in the middle of nowhere but you're never too far away from something to do. There's a lot of wildlife and walking/biking opportunities and it's really pretty. It's a pretty good all-round break, with something to do for all ages, and plenty of types places to stay.

    — Kat Marchant, Facebook

    15. Brighton, East Sussex

    Flickr: srmarcus / Creative Commons

    Spend the days with a fruit cider on the beach or strolling through the glorious lanes looking in all the tiny, unique shops, then follow it by one of the best nights out you will have at one of the many bars/clubs, then top it off at the all night café. A full English beats a kebab at 3am in my book!


    16. New Quay, Wales

    Flickr: davidgsteadman / Creative Commons

    Beautiful views, dolphins, beaches, RNLI base, great fish and chips, an arcade; and all within a two minute proximity!


    17. Guernsey, Channel Islands

    Flickr: neilsingapore / Creative Commons

    Beautiful beaches, an old fashioned rocky feel to the town centre, and a beautiful harbour.


    18. Aberaeron, Wales

    Flickr: bigdmia / Creative Commons

    So beautiful that they used it for the Welsh tourist board campaign.


    19. Salcombe, Devon

    Flickr: jorgedelvalle / Creative Commons

    It's one of my favourite places on earth. It even looks like the Amalfi Coast when it comes to the summer.


    20. Isle of Canna, Inner Hebrides

    Flickr: hmj / Creative Commons

    It has a great café, wonderfully hills, puffins, dolphins, perigrins, kittiwakes, gulimots, squeas, amazing beaches, Viking archeological sites, and a wonderful sense of community.


    21. Yorkshire

    Flickr: richardwalkerphotography / Creative Commons

    The Dales and Moors are both wonderful spots for walking and biking and are beautiful in summer. The coastal towns like Whitby, Scarborough and Bridlington are also worth a visit. Whitby in particular is the setting for a lot of Dracula and has the Whitby Goth Weekend, and there’s gorgeous coastal scenery and Whitby Abbey. It has lots of history: Norman castles, medieval abbeys, Viking and Roman relics etc. There’s also York, Leeds and Sheffield if you’d rather be in a city.


    22. Portsmouth, Hampshire

    Flickr: ronsaunders47 / Creative Commons

    It’s got a cute seaside with a lovely pier with the Solent eye. It has great history behind it, with the dockyards easy to access and authors such as Charles Dickens being born there. It has good shopping with some great independent stores down the Albert Road and more mainstream stores in Gunwharf Quays and Commercial Road. And it has an amazing night life and café culture is a big thing with cute cafés like The Tenth Hole. They host events like the Americas cup, have food festivals, cinema screenings, and bands playing at the bandstand. It may be busy and loud but it’s such a happy place to be!


    23. Northumberland

    Flickr: jwhitesmith / Creative Commons

    It’s got the best castles, a stunning coastline (including sandy beaches), Roman remains, good beer, friendly people with awesome accents and one of the biggest second hand bookshops in the UK. It’s even got Quidditch. I think it’s probably prettier than Cornwall, but it’s cheaper and emptier!


    24. Abersoch, North Wales

    Flickr: myfrozenlife / Creative Commons

    It’s got great beaches, amazing cafés, and a beautiful blue sea. Plus it has the cutest little Jack Wills and is close to a lot of other beaches and has some great campsites and everyone is extremely friendly.


    25. Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

    Flickr: algy_3289 / Creative Commons

    Puzzle Wood is where they filmed Merlin and some Doctor Who episodes. Clearwell Caves is also worth a visit. Then of course there is the whole forest to explore. The sculpture trail is fun. There are also some great country pubs where dogs and muddy boots are welcome. The best, in my opinion, is the New Inn at Shortstanding. Loads of campsites and and some more upmarket cabins.


    26. Iona and the Ross of Mull, Scotland

    Flickr: clicks2006 / Creative Commons

    Beautiful beaches and hotels, holiday houses and campsites right by the sea. It has the best sunsets too. We have been going there on family holidays almost every summer since me and my sisters were little and it’s still great.


    27. Ribble Valley, Lancashire

    Flickr: flickr4jazz / Creative Commons

    It’s apparently one of the queen’s favourite places.


    28. Mersea Island, Essex

    Flickr: crustyscumbrothersontour / Creative Commons

    The most authentic island community, perfect fish and chips and beautiful sunsets.


    29. The Isle of Wight, Channel Islands

    Flickr: ronsaunders47 / Creative Commons

    I’ve been going there since I was a baby and I never get tired of it! It’s brilliant because it has great scenery, beaches and food, but it always feels kind of hidden away — there’s something about having to go on the ferry to get there that makes it feel like a secret. It’s always relaxed and quiet if you know where to go. I love it!


    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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