11 British True Crime Wikipedia Pages That'll Keep You Up At Night

    For people who are interested in true crime stories.

    Warning: This post contains sensitive content.

    1. Jean Townsend, strangled in Ruislip in 1954.

    2. Julia Wallace, beaten to death in Liverpool in 1931.

    3. Hubert Chevis, poisoned in Hampshire in 1931.

    4. Rose Harsent, stabbed in Peasenhall in 1902.

    5. Charles Walton, killed as part of a pagan sacrifice in Warwickshire in 1945.

    6. Caroline Luard, shot in Ightham in 1908.

    7. Judith Roberts, killed in Staffordshire in 1972.

    8. Eve Stratford, had her throat slit in Leyton in 1975.

    9. Renee MacRae, went missing in the Highlands in 1976.

    10. Charles Bravo, poisoned in Balham in 1876.

    11. Bella Wright, shot in Little Stretton in 1919.