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    42 Traditional Finnish Foods That You Desperately Need In Your Life

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    1. Leipäjuusto (bread cheese).

    What is it? Oven-cooked cheese that squeaks when you bite into it. Best served hot with cloudberry jam.

    Find a recipe here.

    2. Vispipuuro (whipped lingonberry porridge).

    3. Mustikkapiirakka (blueberry pie).

    4. Lohikeitto (salmon soup).

    What is it? A salmon, leek and potato soup, usually garnished with dill.

    Find a recipe here.

    5. Kaalikääryleet (cabbage rolls).

    6. Hernekeitto (pea soup).

    7. Kaalilaatikko (cabbage casserole).

    8. Sultsina (rye flatbread).

    What is it? A thin, griddled rye bread. Typically served with cream and cinnamon sugar.

    Find a recipe here.

    9. Piparkakku (gingerbread cookies).

    10. Kalakukko (fish pie).

    11. Perunarieska (potato flatbread).

    12. Porkkanalaatikko (carrot casserole).

    13. Rosolli (beetroot salad).

    14. Karjalanpiirakka (rice pies).

    15. Nakkikastike (hot dog sauce).

    16. Omenalörtsy (apple donuts).

    What is it? A sweet donut-like pastry filled with stewed apples.

    Find a recipe here.

    17. Silakat (pickled fried herring).

    18. Kalakeitto (fish stew).

    19. Kiisseli (fruit soup).

    20. Korvapuusti (cinnamon and cardamon buns)

    21. Riisipuuro (rice pudding).

    What is it? Creamy rice pudding, served with cinnamon sugar.

    Find a recipe here.

    22. Pyttipannu (bubble and squeak).

    23. Lakkakakku (cloudberry cake).

    24. Lihapullat (meat balls).

    25. Pannukakku (oven pancakes).

    What is it? Oven cooked pancakes, traditionally served with forest berries.

    Find a recipe here.

    26. Lanttulaatikko (mashed turnip casserole).

    27. Mämmi (baked rye porridge).

    What is it? A traditional Easter porridge, with a strong molasses flavour. Typically served with milk.

    Find a recipe here.

    28. Mustamakkara (blood sausage).

    29. Ruisleipä (rye bread).

    30. Mannapuuro (semolina porridge).

    What is it? A sweet, oven-cooked semolina porridge.

    Find a recipe here.

    31. Karjalanpaisti (hot pot).

    32. Perunalaatikko (sweetened potato casserole).

    33. Merimiespata (sailor's stew).

    34. Puolukkapiirakka (lingonberry pie).

    What is it? A bitter lingonberry pie, served with whipped cream.

    Find a recipe here.

    35. Omenapiirakka (apple pie).

    36. Hanna-tädin pikkuleivät (aunt Hanna's biscuits).

    What is it? Little potato flour biscuits.

    Find a recipe here.

    37. Valkosipulikeitto (garlic soup).

    What is it? A creamy garlic soup.

    Find a recipe here.

    38. Mustikkapulla (blueberry buns).

    39. Korvasienimuhennos (mushroom stew).

    40. Bostonkakku (Boston cake).

    41. Graavilohi (salt-cured salmon).

    42. Joulutorttu (Christmas tarts).