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37 Times The Beckhams Were Your Relationship Goals

Restoring our faith in love.

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2. When Victoria celebrated 15 years of marriage by sharing this gorgeous wedding photo.

3. When David turned 40 and shared this picture of his beautiful wife.

4. And basically spent the entire night with her friends.

8. When Victoria revealed that their kids have part-time jobs so they learn the value of work.


9. When Victoria couldn't resist giving David a big smacker on the cheek.

10. When Victoria revealed who sets the rules in the Beckham household.

11. When they went for a weekend hike and wore matching shoes.

19. When the whole Beckham family sat in the front row of a fashion show and proved their utter perfection.

20. When they were so in love they didn't even realise the world was watching.


21. When David just looked at his wife and thought, "Damn. I've done well."

27. When Madame Tussauds made a celebrity nativity scene and obviously Victoria and David were Mary and Joseph.

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FYI, the three wise men were: Tony Blair, the Duke of Edinburgh, and George W. Bush; the shepherds were Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, and Graham Norton; and Kylie was the angel.


29. When David was the cutest man to ever live.


33. When they took some time out for a holiday together.

34. When David started going grey and Victoria teased him.

35. When David thanked his wife for organising his birthday party.

36. When they achieved everything they could have ever dreamed of together.