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    28 Times "The O.C." Was Way, Way Too Real

    "Who are you?" "Whoever you want me to be."

    1. When Ryan arrived in Newport and first laid eyes on the girl who'd change his life forever.

    2. When everything was going wrong for Summer, and a hug from her best friend was all she needed.

    3. When Summer realised that she didn't want to go to Europe with Zack, and then had her very own Spiderman moment with Seth.

    4. When Ryan didn't go out to sea, because he couldn't imagine life without Marissa.

    5. When Alex realised that her relationship with Marissa was over.

    6. When Marissa told her dad not to come back this time.


    7. When Summer had a crippling moment of self-doubt.


    8. When Marissa told Summer that she still thought about Ryan every single day.

    9. When Summer found out just how long Seth had been in love with her.

    10. When everything got complicated, and Ryan and Marissa forgot to make time for each other.

    11. When Seth proclaimed his love for Summer in front of his whole school.

    12. When Ryan told Sandy that he was too afraid to dream.

    13. When Seth and Summer mirrored each other eating breakfast, and basically proved they were meant to be together.

    14. When Marissa talked to Ryan about her suicide attempt.


    15. When Marissa finally told her mother how she really felt.

    16. And when she did the same for Ryan.

    17. When Ryan and Marissa woke up in the motel on the way to T.J. and couldn't have looked more perfect together.

    18. When Ryan came back from Chino and told Sandy he was at home.

    19. When Ryan managed to kiss Marissa on NYE in the nick of time.

    20. When Ryan finally left the Cohens' house and remembered meeting Marissa for the first time.

    21. When Ryan basically turned into Sandy and started making the world a better place.

    22. When Summer told Seth how him choosing Anna over her really made her feel.

    23. When Marissa kissed Ryan for the first time.

    24. When Marissa shot Trey.

    25. When Julie asked Ryan to tell her about her late daughter.

    26. When Summer made sure Marissa didn't miss her mum's wedding.

    27. When Seth and Summer's noses grazed.

    28. When Marissa died and Ryan held her in his arms.


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