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    28 Times "Lizzie McGuire" Was Way, Way Too Real

    Kate Sanders used to be our best friend. Until she bought a bra.

    1. When Lizzie hadn't quite worked out who she was meant to be.

    2. When Lizzie and Miranda didn't get any Valentine's cards.

    3. When Lizzie's dad just wouldn't leave her alone.

    4. When Lizzie just needed a bra, OK?

    5. When Miranda started to feel like she was losing control.

    6. When Gordo struggled with his feelings for Lizzie.

    7. When suddenly Lizzie felt all empowered, like 💁.

    8. When Gordo stuck by his BFF even though it meant missing out on the dance.

    9. When Miranda's analysis of the cool kids was 👌.

    10. When Gordo tried to talk about boobs without being totally cringe.

    11. When Kate called Lizzie out on the cardinal sin.

    12. When Kate ditched her friends because she became cool.

    13. When Kate delivered the most brutal comeback of all time.

    14. When Gordo's friends ignored him, even though he was being the voice of reason.

    15. When Gordo couldn't understand why Ethan was more popular with the girls than he was.

    16. When Lizzie had nothing to wear.

    17. When Lizzie realised that not everything makes sense.

    18. When Gordo felt overwhelmed by the prospect of growing up.

    19. When the mean girls made Miranda and Lizzie feel small.

    20. When Miranda could think of a way better assignment than drawing fruit.

    21. When Gordo was too afraid to admit how he really felt.

    22. When Matt drove Lizzie crazy in a way only little brothers can.

    23. When Lizzie and Miranda wouldn't let anyone get between them.

    24. When Gordo just felt undervalued.

    25. When Lizzie's parents didn't appreciate her ~style~.

    26. When Miranda realised she was massively third wheeling.

    27. When Miranda and Lizzie swore they'd be friends no matter what.

    28. And when Miranda basically summed up adolescence in a single sentence.