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31 Times "Skins" Was Way, Way Too Real

RIP Chris.

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1. When Sid's dad died and his whole world fell apart.

2. When Cassie thought Sid was trying to tell her to eat.

3. When Maxxie made Anwar reconsider his opinions.

4. And then Anwar proudly told Sketch that his best friend had drawn them.

5. When Sid blamed Cassie for not being there when he needed her the most.

6. When Tony finally told Michelle he loved her, and then got hit by a bus.

7. And then remembered what he'd said many months later.

8. When Cassie told Chris what a broken heart really felt like.

9. When Tony told Sid how much their friendship meant to him.

10. When all Cassie wanted was for Sid to love her.

11. And couldn't quite believe it when they finally made things work.

12. When Chris explained how he really felt about Jal.

13. When he told her things he'd never told anyone before.

14. And opened his heart to her.

15. But his illness eventually got him.


16. Even though his last words were really beautiful.

17. When Cassie wanted to make sure Sid knew how much he'd hurt her.


18. When Tony fooled around with Maxxie, just because he could.

19. But Maxxie was there for him when he got flashbacks to the accident anyway.

20. When Jal gave the most devastatingly perfect speech at Chris' funeral.

21. When Jal and Chris climbed into their duvet to make everything feel better.

22. And Michelle stepped in when Chris wasn't around anymore.

23. When Tony gave Michelle exactly what she'd asked for.

24. When Sid and Michelle turned to each other in a moment of desperation.


25. But it broke Cassie's heart.

26. When Jal showed the world how strong she really is.

27. When Michelle was there for Jal when she got an abortion.


28. And didn't leave her side when things got tough.


29. When Michelle worried that Tony and her had lost everything they'd worked for.

30. When Sid looked after Cassie for the first time.

31. And, of course, this song 😭.