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    26 Times "Sex And The City" Was Way, Way Too Real

    "You are my people and we'll talk about this now."

    1. When Harry told Charlotte they'd finally been picked.

    2. When Miranda knew Carrie shouldn't meet Big, but told her she'd be there for her no matter what.

    3. When Carrie told Samantha about her affair with Big.

    4. When Charlotte broke down after another unsuccessful date.

    5. When Miranda found out Samantha had cancer, and left her wedding guests to talk about it.

    6. When Charlotte realised she's meant to be with Harry.

    7. When Big told Carrie everything she'd waited to hear.

    8. When Miranda looked Big in the eye and told him to bring Carrie back from Paris.

    9. When Carrie decided to get back together with Big, and she'd never been more afraid.

    10. When Miranda wasn't ready to hear Steve's apology.

    11. When Carrie got up, took Miranda's hand, and walked her down the aisle of the church at her mother's funeral.

    12. When Charlotte got scared that her relationship with Trey changed who she was.

    13. When Smith walked in on Samantha shaving her head, and picked up the razor himself.

    14. When Charlotte tried desperately to make her marriage to Trey work.

    15. When Carrie wasn't ready to face Natasha alone.

    16. When Carrie lost Aidan, but realised she still had her friends.

    17. When Carrie found out about Big's engagement to Natasha.

    18. And Charlotte convinced her Natasha didn't have anything more than her.

    19. When Steve opened up to Miranda.

    20. When a cop showed solidarity with Samantha after she found Richard cheating on her.

    21. When Miranda came to the crushing realisation that Steve had moved on.

    22. When Big chased Carrie after ditching her at their wedding.

    23. When Smith told Samantha to cut the bullshit and accept that she'd fallen for him.

    24. When Miranda and Steve finally told each other how they felt.

    25. When Smith waited for Samantha to finish having sex with Richard.

    26. And when Charlotte perfectly defined what a soulmate really is.