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26 Times Paris Hilton Out–Paris Hiltoned Herself In 2016

"If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere."

1. We all know that Paris Hilton is the queen of Instagram.

2. But 2016 has been an especially good year for Paris.

3. From the time she joked about running for president...

4. the time she Instagrammed a coffee with her face on it...

5. this, the most Paris Hilton picture of all time....

6.'s been a wonderful year for Paris.

7. For Paris Hilton, 2016 was a year of gratitude.

8. She thanked her security team a lot in 2016.

9. But also, her favourite dentist.

10. 2016 was also a year of rekindling old friendships...

11. ...posting the most wonderful #TBT pictures...

12. ...and wearing sunglasses better than anyone else.

13. Of course, 2016 Paris was back with her favourite photo montages of herself.

14. And cardboard cutouts of herself.

15. And pillows of herself.

16. But, as ever, 2016 was all about Paris Hilton's dogs. Here she is, standing in front of her dogs' house, which is a literal replica of her own home.

17. Here she is throwing what looks like the party of the century for her pooches.

18. And here are the dogs themselves, proving that they really are the most glamorous pups in Beverly Hills.

19. Seriously.

20. In 2016, Paris enjoyed sports...

21. ...and reading...

22. ...and dressing up.

23. In conclusion, Paris Hilton is iconic.

24. She always has been.

25. She always will be.

26. Paris, we love you.