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Posted on Oct 25, 2016

24 Times Jane Was The Best Thing About "Bake Off"

Mel: Jane is the Star Baker! Jane:*immediately turns into a tomato*

1. When she stopped to think about what she just said.

2. When she couldn't get her caramel to set and tbh we all related.

3. When she low key had the cutest friendship with Selasi.

4. And when he helped her out in her hour of need.

Love Productions / BBC / BuzzFeed

5. And took the most adorable selfies with her fellow Bake Off finalists.

6. When she literally dressed as her cake.

So God created cake in Her own image. #GBBO

7. Every time she got a lil bit of praise and then immediately blushed forever.

8. When she covered herself in chocolate.

Love Productions / BBC / BuzzFeed

9. Every time she looked like a different famous person.

10. Or a cartoon.

Jane from Bake Off reminds me so much of the lead chicken from Chicken Run

11. Which was quite often.

knew i'd seen jane from bake off before

12. When she went on a night out with Rav, Candice, and Selasi and you just know she ordered a large rosé and got a bit tipsy.

13. When she looked super glam at the Childline ball.

14. And she obviously had the time of her life that night.

15. Every time she just smiled and nodded through Paul's negativity.

16. Seriously: Nothing phases Jane.

17. When she became BFFs with Candice.

18. And Andrew.

19. When she showed us her playful side.

20. What a cutie.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

21. When she kept everyone feeling positive when the competition heated up.

22. But she wasn't afraid to get competitive when she needed to.

23. When she went out with the other Bake Off babes.

24. And, of course, when times got tough so she made herself a cuppa.

Whether you win or not, Jane, you are a hero.

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

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