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26 Times "Desperate Housewives" Was Way, Way Too Real

Susan and Mike forever.

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1. When Edie Britt said goodbye the best way she knew how.

2. When Susan missed Mike more than she ever thought she could.

3. When Tom found it within himself to tell Lynette how he really felt.

4. When Bree couldn't believe that Trip would love her.

5. When Karen had given up, until Bree forced her to keep trying.

6. When Gabby opened up to Lynette about her father.

7. When Mary Alice talked about the strength she never had.

8. When Gabby wrote a letter to the daughter she never knew.

9. When Tom stood up for the love of his life.

10. When Tom and Lynette realised they were each other's destiny.

11. When Susan met Mike for the first time.

12. When Lynette stood up to the shooter in the shop.

13. When Lynette imagined how her last encounter with Mary Alice could have gone.

14. When Tom revealed how he really felt about his wife.

15. When the girls revealed how well they really knew Gabby after 10 years of poker nights.

16. When Gabby made a daunting task seem fun.

17. When Lynette couldn't bear to see her son lose.

18. When Danielle found out she was pregnant.

19. When Lynette's family made it.

20. When Tom and Lynette looked at what they had.

21. When Gabby's baby got taken away from her.

22. When Edie told Lynette what she needed to hear.

23. The moment Mike died and left Susan all alone.

24. And when Susan realised she wasn't the only one hurting.

25. When Karen admitted she was scared.

26. And finally, when everything started changing.