Thwaites Brewery Sign Looks A Bit Different, Since The Firm Announced Redundancies

Probably wasn’t the best idea to fire 60 people.

Thwaites brewery sign in Blackburn was yesterday tempered with by former employees, after the firm made 60 people redundant.

By blacking out the letters “H”, “I” and “E”, the sign went from reading “THWAITES” to “TWATS”.

It was spotted at 4.15pm yesterday, and remained illuminated for 15 minutes before the entire sign was blacked out and restored to working order.

Although it has not been confirmed, it is thought that the sign was tempered with by employees who lost their jobs due to the company downsizing its Blackburn brewery.

Twitter users who spotted the sign were very amused.

Whoever is responsible for the Thwaites TWATS display in Blackburn should be knighted #fb

— Matt Taylor (@johnny_columbia)

Dat Thwaites sign though.

— Toe-Knee Slay-Tear (@MrMcTurtle)

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