This Is What Urban Dictionary Thinks Of Your Home Town

Ready to be offended? Read on.

1. London.


Best part: The capital of England.
Worst part: Not the only city there.

2. Manchester.


Best part: They don’t all possess guns.
Worst part: Most of them possess guns.

3. Edinburgh.


Best part: Occupants can use correct grammer.

Worst part: Occupants can’t spell grammar.

4. Sheffield.


Best part: If God were to specify his birth place on his CV, he would say Sheffield.
Worst part: If God were to specify his birth place on his CV, he would say Sheffield.

5. Devon.

Nick Rice / Flickr: capuchinoking / CC


Best part: Rolling hills.
Worst part: Drug addicts.

6. Bangor.


Best part: Hipsters sporting old meme t-shirts.
Worst part: There’s nothing to do but sit in Subway and mock.

7. Chester.


Best part: They’re rich.
Worst part: They’re waiting to get the shit kicked out of them.

8. Birmingham.


Best part: A proper city with everything a proper city should have.
Worst part: People have a bad opinion of it (but that’s probably because they’ve never been there).

9. Somerset.


Best part: England’s best county.
Worst part: Its people aren’t as good as Jamaicans.

10. Cardiff.


Best part: Amazing Welsh women.
Worst part: Where ambition goes to die.

11. Bradford.


Best part: Locals don’t get murked.
Worst part: Non-locals do.

12. Glasgow.


Best part: The only place in Britain where you can buy a week’s worth of booze for under a fiver.
Worst part: If you go, you’ll get horribly stabbed.

13. Leicester.


Best part: It is safe to walk through it without body armour.
Worst part: Englebert Humperdinck lives nearby.

14. Durham.


Best part: Strange founding story.
Worst part: Car theft.

15. Bristol.


Best part: There are some handsome buildings outside of the city centre.
Worst part: Just a shitty little city with delusions of grandeur.

16. Exeter.


Best part: A lovely day out for all the family.
Worst part: Lots of rahs.

17. York.


Best part: It’s where they make Kit Kats.
Worst part: The uni students are complete nerds with posh accents.

18. Liverpool.


Best part: Full of the nice people.
Worst part: All the stereotypical gimps haven’t even been because they’re too lower class.

19. Cambridge.

Brian Negin / Flickr: bdnegin


Best part: Home to one of the best universities in the world.
Worst part: Fat women and lame men.

20. Aberdeen.


Best part: The oil capital of Europe.
Worst part: Famous for its terrible weather and casual violence.

21. Wakefield.


Best part: Has the tallest church steeple in West Yorkshire.
Worst part: The most exciting thing to happen there in the last two years was a statue moving.

22. Blackpool.

Gidzy / Flickr: gidzy / CC


Best part: Cheap.
Worst part: Kids are encouraged to stab grannies.

23. Nottingham.


Best part: A big city.
Worst part: It’s the embarrassment of the world.

24. Lancaster.


Best part: Able to kick Yorkshire’s ass.
Worst part: After school, people get categorised.

25. Cornwall.


Best part: The greatest place on the planet, as reflected by the British Tourist Industry figures.
Worst part: Many pasty, white bodies on its beaches.

26. Wolverhampton.


Best part: If you think living in a burnt out camper van which is stuck in a sinking sewer pit sounds fun, you’ll love it.
Worst part: Probably the worst city in the world.

27. Leeds.


Best part: Easy sex and cheap beer.
Worst part: The men are piss drinking tossers.

28. Swansea.


Best part: Catherine Zeta Jones is from Swansea.
Worst part: Most people don’t even realise she’s Welsh.

29. Oxford.


Best part: Contains some actually clever students.
Worst part: Mostly full of meat-heads.

30. Newcastle.


Best part: Great pubs.
Worst part: It’s damned.

31. Isle of Man.


Best thing: If you don’t like it, there’s a boat in the morning.
Worst thing: N/A (see above).

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