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    This Is What The 17 "Terrace House: Boys & Girls In The City" Housemates Are Doing Now

    Can you guess which couple is still together?

    If you haven't already watched Terrace House, stop what you are doing and go watch it on Netflix right now.

    Netflix / Fuji TV

    It's a Japanese reality show in which three men and three women live in a luxury house in Tokyo together. Everyone enters the house to either find love, or to somehow advance their career, and they're all free to leave the house whenever they want. It's incredibly low-drama, but at the same time it's the best reality show ever.

    If you have already seen it, omgggg read this post β€” they're all so successful now!

    1. Minori Nakada

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Minori is still working as a model β€” and she even has her own photo book! She's done a bunch of TV and radio work and she's also appeared in loads of adverts and magazine shoots.

    2. Tatsuya Uchihara (Uchi)

    Netflix / Fuji TV, / Via

    Uchi is still hairdressing, but he's left the salon he was at in Terrace House to go freelance. He recently launched his own free online hairdressing school, because he's passionate about making hairdresser training more accessible. He's also done bits of modeling.

    3. Riko Nagai (Rikopin)

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Riko graduated high school last year! She's still modeling and doing lots of pageant work.

    4. Hayato Terashima

    Netflix / Fuji TV, / Via

    According to his Instagram, Hayato is still a chef at the Italian restaurant he worked at on Terrace House. His food still looks delicious.

    5. Masako Endo (Martha)

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Martha and Arman are still together! Arman posts pictures of Martha on his Instagram all the time! And Martha's Instagram bio says she loves Hawaii, which makes my heart melt! She's still working as a model and she also runs a lifestyle blog.

    6. Arman Bitaraf

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    πŸ’– Arman and Martha πŸ’–. Arman's Instagram suggests that he's still traveling and modeling, and his bio says that he's also working in film production.

    7. Natsumi Saito (Nacchan)

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Nacchan is still working as a model: She's done adverts, magazine shoots, and TV work. And she's run two marathons!

    8. Yuto Handa (Hansan)

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Hansan, aka Mr Perfect, ended up founding his own company called Delicious, which sells his own line of furniture. So he's basically still the dream man.

    9. Mizuki Shida

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Mizuki is still working as a barista and model. She posts lots of gorgeous travel pictures on her Instagram, she was recently featured in JJ magazine, and she came second in a latte art competition in 2015.

    10. Makoto Hasegawa (Makocchan),

    Makocchan's Twitter suggests he's still playing baseball! He also seems to hang out with his former housemates quite a bit.

    11. Misaki Tamori

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Misaki is still working in entertainment: She's now part of a music group called Ebisu Muscats, and she seems to be super successful.

    12. Yuuki Byrnes

    Netflix / Fuji TV, Instagram: @

    Yuuki is still dancing, and he's also done some modeling and TV work.

    13. Momoka Mitsunaga

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    As we saw on Terrace House, Momoka is now a professional ballerina! She's working for Asami Maki Ballet Company. Her Instagram is gorgeous.

    14. Hikaru Ota

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    According to his Instagram, Hikaru has been working as a model since he left the house. He's also traveled a lot.

    15. Yuriko Hayata

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Yuriko is still studying medicine, and she's now in her sixth year of med school.

    16. Yuki Adachi

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Yuki is still a tap dancer, teacher, and choreographer. He is a member of Kaz Tap Company.

    17. Arisa Ohata

    Netflix / Fuji TV,

    Arisa got married!!! She is also the CEO of her own hat company, which is called Saria Femme.

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