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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Feb 29, 2016

    25 Things You'll Understand If You Were Slightly Obsessed With Stationery At School

    Mechanical pencils, customised exercise books, and plastic wallets.

    1. You spent all summer counting down to the days 'til you could do a big back-to-school stationery shop.

    2. And you always chose folders that coordinated with your notebooks and pencils.

    3. You bought a new maths set every year, even though you didn't know what half of the stuff did.

    Twitter: @MapedHelix_UK

    You've never used a set square in your life.

    4. Choosing new pencils was hard, but choosing new pencil toppers was even harder.

    Twitter: @NorthernTreasMi

    You had to pick the ones that made the right statement about you.

    5. And naming your pencils was a long, but necessary, task.

    6. You begged your mum for a pop out pencil case.

    They were just so neat.

    7. But you probably ended up buying this, like everyone else.

    You either had a Walkers one, or a Playboy one.

    8. Sharpening your colouring pencils before term began was one of the most satisfying jobs you could do.

    Twitter: @kleinmeli

    Especially if you had a cute mechanical pencil sharpener.

    9. The day you graduated from a Berol Handwriting pen to fountain pen was a proud one.

    There's nothing as satisfying as popping your first ink cartridge.

    10. You always filled out the first page of your homework diary in your best handwriting.

    11. And you always made sure you used blotting paper, ink erasers, and your good old Tipp-Ex mouse when you made a mistake.

    You never, ever crossed out.

    12. Losing a piece of lead from your stackable pencil was enough to ruin your day.

    13. Which is why you always preferred using a mechanical pencil.

    Plus, you could pretend to give injections with them.

    14. You always customised your boring exercise books with wrapping paper or stickers.

    15. And you had strong opinions about whether thin or thick-lined paper was best, which meant you hated it when you were handed the wrong one.

    Ludwig why'd you give me wide ruled paper?!? Get it together dude

    Particularly because GCSE exam paper was always thick-lined.

    16. You hated giving in neat homework in case you made any mistakes, because you knew the teacher's marking would mess up your page.

    When homework looks neat and perfect....but could possibly be all wrongπŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜…

    17. If someone borrowed your highlighter, you were always anxious that they'd return it like this.

    Same went for ink erasers.

    18. And you never lent anyone your mini erasers.

    You couldn't risk losing one from the collection.

    19. Your pet peeve was when your teachers stapled messily or hole punched your paper in a way that it wouldn't fit into your ring binders properly.

    20. Which is why you were all about the protective plastic wallets.

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    And you never mixed shiny and matte.

    21. Although this was always your greatest nightmare.

    22. You always wrote out your birthday party invitations and Christmas cards in your best scented gel pens.

    Twitter: @thebenhall

    You might have even added stickers to your best friends' ones.

    23. And your favourite birthday parties were ones that involved somethings crafty, like decoupage or calligraphy.

    And your work was always the prettiest.

    24. When it came to exams, your revision timetable was always a work of art.

    25. And you know that if you got extra marks for revision presentation, you'd have got straight A*s.

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