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24 Things You'll Understand If You're A Really Cool Mum

Me: I really shouldn't drink tonight. Also me: Just one then. Also me: Should we get a second bottle?

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2. And you have no time for all the health fads that everyone else your age seems to go through.

No matter how many people ask, you will never do Dry January.

3. You often go to the supermarket in your pyjamas.

A young gal is sitting in the parking lot next to me taking selfies in her rearview mirror.... so I thought I would…

You're not opposed to doing the school run in PJs either.


6. Which means that, if you're single, you really struggle to date men your own age.

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They're all called Peter, none of them sit straight anymore, and they have a nasty habit of falling asleep if you turn the heating up.


9. Sometimes your kids tell you to dress your age, but you have no interest in investing in a nice Laura Ashley blouse and a sensible pair of Next jeans.

10. You hate going to weddings because you're always put on the table of old people.

You always get stuck talking to someone's elderly grandparents when you'd much rather be on the uni friends table.

11. And you find nothing more embarrassing than ~the mum dance~.

watching my mom dance is so painful oh my god blue ivy nvr has to go thru this I wish I was blue ivy rn

Instead of dancing, women over the age of 30 step from side to side and clap their hands. And it makes you cringe.