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    21 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have A Perfectly Round Head

    There's nothing wrong with looking like the moon emoji.

    1. For whatever reason, your head turned out perfectly round.

    2. Maybe you've known that your head is unusually spherical since you were a baby, or maybe it took an unfortunate haircut to make you realise.

    3. Either way, the length of your head is the same as the width of your head.

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    4. So in photographs taken from the front, you look like a moon...

    5. ... and in photographs taken from the side, you look like a mole.

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    6. Having a very round head makes various aspects of your life more challenging. For example, swimming caps don't really fit you.


    7. And you have to buy XXXL cycling helmets.


    Your head may not necessarily be that big, but its diameter is the same in every direction.

    8. Finding glasses that fit across the width of your face is particularly tough.

    9. Which means that finding sunglasses that suit you is a nightmare.

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    You may just opt to squint for the entirety of the summer.

    10. Working out which hairstyle you should get is particularly tricky.

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    11. And tying your hair back really emphasises how big your face is.

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    12. Because the roundness of your head is exaggerated when you are photographed face-on, you look particularly ball-like in your passport photo.

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    And your driving licence, and your rail card...

    13. And you know there's only so much that makeup can do.

    14. You're acutely aware that your forehead is very much a fivehead.

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    15. And you're OK with the fact that jumpers often get stuck on your head.

    16. You've accepted that hairbands are not for you.

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    They will either break or give you a headache.

    17. And that a lot of normal-sized hats look very small on your head.

    Twitter: @senshuality

    That said, hats that fit you look 🔥

    18. But maybe you're the kind of round-headed person who wants to show off their perfectly spherical noggin.

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking like the moon emoji.

    19. Maybe you've hidden under a sweeping side fringe for too long.

    20. Besides, people with very round heads are actually extremely photogenic.


    21. And you know that you wouldn't swap your beach ball face for the world.

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    Your perfectly round head is perfectly beautiful.