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    22 Things You'll Never Hear A Finnish Person Say

    "Please, tell me more about how cold it is in England right now."

    1. "We never embarrass ourselves at Eurovision."

    2. "Aren't free school lunches delicious?"

    3. "Please, tell me more about your friends from Sweden."

    4. "I wish my Nokia phone were more durable. It's broken again!"

    5. "When will this summer end? It feels like it's going on forever."

    6. "I have a fun idea: Let's have sex outside. It's just the weather for it!"

    7. "I find it so embarrassing when I see naked people in the gym changing rooms."

    8. "It's a bit warm out here, I'm just going to take another layer off."

    9. "I tell you what: Why don't we get another bottle of this reasonably-priced wine?"

    10. "The socially awkward penguin? Nope, never seen that guy before."

    11. "I just wish winter was a bit longer. It always seems to just fly by."

    12. "Wow, people who did the Ice Bucket Challenge are so brave. I can't imagine how cold it must be!"

    13. "Tell me more about how it's -2°C in London right now."

    14. "I tan so easily!"

    15. "Can't wait to cycle to work in the morning."

    16. "I just wish this rye bread had a bit more of a crunch to it."

    17. "Fish fingers for lunch! What a novelty!"

    18. "I was thinking I'd probably skip the hockey this year. I'm not really into it."

    19. "I'll be there in five minutes."

    20. "More mämmi, please!"

    21. "If anything, I don't have enough Moomin memorabilia."

    22. "Hey there, how are you?"