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19 Things That Will Make Pretty Much Everyone Say "Me In January"

New year, new you.

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1. Everyone knows that January is all about trying to become the best possible version of yourself.


And even though you're realistically not going to keep all of your resolutions, it's the first week of January and right now you are 100% committed.

3. You've probably bought yourself some fancy new exercise gear.

Spending £70 on a pair of new trainers will absolutely guarantee that you start running again, right?


6. You're fully committed to cutting down on carbs.

You had salad for lunch on your first day back at work, and you've had tofu for dinner at least once already.

8. You've exercised at least once before work already this week.

And you felt incredibly smug when you sat down at your desk knowing that you had an hour's yoga class under your belt.


9. You started the year with a brand new planner.

And you've written in it with your nicest pen in your neatest handwriting.

10. You may have even drawn out a personalised habit tracker.

Which you're faithfully filling in every night before bed.

11. You've started working your way through all the odd tasks you've been putting off, like actually hanging up those prints...

... and getting your boots reheeled, and getting your necklace mended.

12. If you got a fitness tracker for Christmas, you're fully obsessed with counting your steps.

Jesus: and when there was but 1 set of footprints, there I carried u Me: (checks fitbit) ok, phew, it counted the steps, I still got credit

You don't even care that it's annoying to everyone around you.


14. You've also started setting aside alone time for things like meditation and reading and listening to podcasts.

You're nearing the end of chapter one of your new book and you're 100% going to be the kind of person who reads before bed every night and listens to podcasts on their commute.


17. And you have definitly come up with a plan to boost your immune system this year.

Adding matcha powder to your porridge will guarantee that 2017 is the year of no colds.

18. Basically, in 2017 you're going to be the kind of person who exercises before work, eats salad for lunch, and is 100% up to date with pop culture.


You're going to get 8 hours of sleep a night, drink plenty of water, and make more time for your friends.