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    21 Things You'll Get If You're A Nice But Bitchy Person

    You can go from having a pleasant conversation with a friend to bitching about them on the phone within seconds.

    1. Most people would describe you as a genuine, kind person.

    2. And that's because you're always ready to listen to even the smallest of problems.

    3. And you always offer helpful advice whenever a friend asks for it.

    4. But if anyone could see your text conversations with your mum...

    5. ...or your BFF...

    6. ...or your S.O...

    7. ...they'd know that deep down you can be a real bitch.

    8. Because, honestly, if anyone could hear your internal monologue you wouldn't have any friends.

    9. If anyone could see the screengrabs of cringe social media posts on your phone, you would be a hell of a lot less popular than you are right now.

    10. And if anyone knew the mean conversations you've rehearsed in your head with everyone who has ever wronged you, they'd think you were incredibly petty.

    11. But, as it stands, you are the absolute queen of the fake smile.

    12. And even though you hold grudges against literally everyone who has ever offended you, most people consider you a pretty cheerful person.

    13. At school, you probably considered yourself the nice member of the bitchy friendship group.

    14. Anyone who has ever got into an argument with you knows that you can get really catty.

    15. But, that said, you can go from being incredibly angry to being kind and thoughtful within a matter of seconds.

    16. Even though people often confide in you, you rarely keep their secrets.

    17. And the reason you always know the gossip is because you have established a very clever gossip-trading system.

    18. You often say, "Omg I love your hair," when you really mean "Omg your hair looks different."

    19. And whenever someone offends you, instead of just being the bigger person, you say the most over-the-top mean things about them to someone you trust.

    20. Of course, you immediately feel bad about it.

    21. And you know that however nice you try to be, there will always be a part of you that's incredibly judgmental.