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29 Slightly Gross Things You'll Find In Every Student House

Why do all students cover their walls in pictures of people they're not friends with any more?

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1. This exact Ikea lampshade, hanging low enough for you to hit whenever you put your coat on.

2. An entirely useless three-pronged fork.

3. A stolen pint glass.

4. A mug full of squash that was taken from a careers fair.

5. A slightly broken laundry drying rack.

6. Clothes drying everywhere.

7. A never-ending pile of washing up.

8. A bin that needs to be emptied.

9. A mouldy corner.

10. A colourful rug that your mum bought to distract from the laminate pine flooring.

11. A cleaning rota that you fully intend to stick to.

12. Followed by a passive-aggressive note from your tidy housemate.

13. A noticeboard full of pictures of schoolfriends you've kinda fallen out of touch with.

14. A pint glass filled with pennies.

15. A sheet of Domino's vouchers.

16. A pile of takeout menus.

17. A pack of playing cards stuck to a Lack Ikea table.

18. A stolen road sign.

19. This exact bottle of shampoo.

20. A novelty shower curtain that smells musty and sticks to your body every time you wash.

21. An overactive fire alarm.

22. A radiator that you can't control.

23. A student cookbook containing recipes so simple they actually make you worry for the human race.

24. A burnt pan.

25. Fairy lights that turned out to be a lot shorter than you'd expected when you ordered them.

26. Curtains that were presumably stolen from a Travelodge in the '70s.

27. A pile of junk mail addressed to your house's previous tenants.

28. This exact Fyllen laundry bin from Ikea.

29. And a Henry Hoover that you wouldn't know how to empty even if you wanted to.