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45 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants"

Contains some spoilers.

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1. The pants are Levi's.

2. The first movie came out 10 years ago.

3. And the second movie came out seven years ago.

4. A third movie, which will follow the plot of Sisterhood Everlasting (the fifth and final book of the series) is in the process of being made.

5. Sisterhood Everlasting follows Lena, Tibby, Bridget, and Carmen 10 years after the first book.

6. In it, Tibby dies.

7. America Ferrera, who plays Carmen, and Amber Tamblyn, who plays Tibby, were the first actors to be cast.

8. And all four lead actors were cast separately. In fact, they didn't meet until the first official script read through.

9. Ferrera didn't read the script when it was sent to her. It sat on her desk for a year, until her mother read it and convinced her to take the part.

10. She read the book after getting the part, and loved it so much she read the second book immediately.

11. Tamblyn bought Ferrera the third book as a gift. She read it on set.


12. Olivia Wilde auditioned for the part of Bridget.

13. Alexis Bledel, who played Lena, spent three weeks filming her solo scenes in Santorini in Greece while the Olympics were being set up.

14. Meanwhile Blake Lively, who played Bridget, filmed her solo scenes in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

15. All four lead actors became incredibly close during filming. Whenever they filmed scenes together, they had a sleepover at Ferrera's hotel afterwards.

16. Bledel and Tamblyn went out dancing together a lot.

17. And Ferrera and Tamblyn went jogging together before filming in the morning.

18. Even once filming ended, the four lead actors remained friends. Ferrera, Tamblyn, and Bledel all attended Lively's school choir concerts.

19. And Bledel, Lively, and Tamblyn reunited last year to support Ferrera when she was in the play "Lips Together, Teeth Apart".

20. Lively even planned Tamblyn and Ferrera's bachelorette parties.

21. Even David Cross, Tamblyn's husband, and Ryan Reynolds, Lively's husband, are friends.


22. Most of the film was shot in Vancouver in Canada.

23. As Lena, Bledel wore mostly blue and white to coordinate with the Greek backdrop that she filmed in.

24. And as Bridget, Lively wore mostly green to match the soccer field she filmed on.

25. As Carmen, Ferrera dressed in orange, pink, and fuchsia so she would stand out against the pale colours her dad and his fiancée's family dressed in.

26. Ferrera had to learn to play tennis for the movie.

27. Bledel had to be taught how to ride a Vespa.

28. And Lively had two months of soccer training in LA and Canada.

29. Michael Rady, who plays Kostas, had four days to learn a Greek accent. They flew over a dialect coach from London.

30. Jenna Boyd, who played Bailey, was only 12-years-old when she filmed.

31. Which meant she was only allowed to work for 9 hours a day.

32. In Ferrera's emotional phone confrontation scene with her dad, there was initially a woman on the other end of the phone.

33. Ann Brashares, the series' author, says that although none of the characters are based on her, she is most similar to Carmen.

34. But the book and film have quite a few differences. For starters, in the books Bridget has a twin brother called Perry.

35. And when Bailey faints, Tibby accompanies her to hospital.

36. In the book, the women discover that they all fit into the pants at Carmen's house, when she is going through her closet. It does not happen in the shop.

37. Lena's grandma loves Kostas and tries to set them up. In fact she loves him so much that Lena tries to look extra ugly around him to make him not fancy her.

38. The fall out between the families happens because Kostas watches Lena go skinny dipping without her knowing. Then she finds out and tells her grandma that he is "not a nice boy", which in turn makes her think that Lena has been violated.

39. Finally, in the book Carmen goes to her dad's wedding alone. Lena is in Mexico visiting Bridget and Tibby is grieving Bailey's death.

40. The second film was filmed in Santorini in Greece.

41. In it Lively's real life dad plays Bridget's dad.

42. On the first day of filming, the four lead characters were riding mopeds when Tamblyn suddenly stopped, causing everyone else to fall off behind her.

43. As a result, Lively spent some time on crutches.

44. The cliff jumping scene was not originally written into the script. It came about because Ferrera and Tamblyn saw locals doing it, tried it themselves, and then told the producers who wrote it into the script.

45. All four leading actors have played main characters in different TV series: Blake Lively in Gossip Girl, Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls, America Ferrera in Ugly Betty, and Amber Tamblyn in Joan of Arcadia.

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