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    32 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "John Tucker Must Die"

    The plot ~kind of~ came true for Brittany Snow IRL.

    RatPac-Dune Entertainment / BuzzFeed

    1. Jesse Metcalfe watched teen comedies Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Can’t Buy Me Love in order to prepare for his role as John Tucker.

    2. But he says that he is nothing like his character IRL. In fact, Metcalfe says he was a "self-imposed" loner who shopped at the Salvation Army and was obsessed with Green Day when he was at school.

    3. But, like his character, Metcalfe admits that he has cheated on women in the past. But unlike his character, he has been cheated on too.

    4. Penn Badgley, who plays John Tucker's brother Scott, went on to play Dan in Gossip Girl.

    5. Metcalfe says he related to Badgley's character more than his own.

    RatPac-Dune Entertainment

    6. Ashanti, Sophia Bush, Brittany Snow, and Arielle Kebbel, who played John Tucker's many girlfriends, said they all became really close friends throughout the filming process.

    7. And they had sleepovers in each other's hotel rooms all the time.

    8. The four leading ladies bonded over the fact that they could all relate to their character's experiences of men being shitty.

    9. And, spookily enough, Brittany Snow found out that her boyfriend of two years had been cheating on her while they were filming. She says that Ashanti, Bush, and Kebbel were really there for her in the same way that their characters are all there for each other in the movie.

    10. Inspired by her character, Snow ended up making friends with the unknowing girl her boyfriend cheated on her with.

    RatPac-Dune Entertainment

    11. The day after Snow found out her boyfriend had been unfaithful, Bush wrote her a poem and gave her four bouquets of long stem roses.

    12. And Kebbel went over to her house to cheer her up by making pizza.

    13. Bush was also filming One Tree Hill when John Tucker Must Die was being made.

    14. And Ashanti was writing music and performing at the same time too.

    RatPac-Dune Entertainment

    15. Metcalfe did most of his own basketball stunts for the movie.

    16. In the scene where John Tucker's girlfriends throw popcorn and burgers at him, one hit him so hard he got a massive welt on his head.

    17. The women also did most of their own stunts.

    18. Which meant that Kebbel got hit really hard on the head while she was filming the volleyball scene.

    19. And Snow said she got properly hit in the head at least five times too.

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    20. Metcalfe didn't use a body double for his thong scene.

    21. He actually said that wearing the thong was pretty comfortable.

    22. But he found walking through a set of 50 extras in a red thong scarier than bungee jumping.

    23. Bush related to her eco-friendly character so much that she ended up buying a hybrid car and investing in energy-saving lightbulbs after filming ended.

    RatPac-Dune Entertainment

    24. The women were up until 2am filming the scene that took place in a boat on the ocean.

    25. Bush said they almost capsized multiple times.

    26. And Snow ended up keeping the flowers from her hair in the boat scene as a memento of the movie.

    27. When they first got their roles, Ashanti taught Snow how to walk like a cheerleader.

    28. Bush said that she and Snow were the only people who weren't nervous about their kissing scene.

    RatPac-Dune Entertainment

    29. The DJ Must Die! thought it would be funny to name himself after what he considered a terrible movie.

    30. Jenny McCarthy, who plays Brittany Snow's mother, is only 14 years older than her IRL.

    31. And Jesse Metcalfe was 28 years old during filming.

    32. One day during filming, the four leading ladies covered the set in topless magazine pictures of Jesse Metcalfe for a joke.

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