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19 Dates That Were Cool As Teenagers But Definitely Aren't Now

So much snogging.

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2. Browsing Debenhams and looking at every single item on sale.


Even though covering yourself in Britney's "Curious" was fun when you were a teenager, it'd be a pretty boring way to spend a date now.


7. Getting your parents to drop you off at your local retail park, eating an overpriced meal at Frankie & Benny's or La Tasca, and then going to the cinema.


9. Accidentally touching hands at the cinema when you both reached for the popcorn, and then immediately retracting your hand and giving up on the popcorn.

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The scandal!

11. Sneaking into the back room of Ann Summers with the goal of possibly bumping into someone you knew in there, preferably a teacher.

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If you did this now, it would be more awkward than funny.

12. Kissing with your eyes closed, but then opening one eye to check that your S.O.'s eyes were also closed.


Now you know that people look like sleepy moles when they kiss, so you don't need to keep checking.


15. Touching one arbitrary body part of each other's whenever you watched a film, even if there was someone sitting between you, to signify that you were more than just friends.


18. Meeting up with three or four other couples, going to the park, sitting in a circle with your bags in the middle, eating tepid picnic food, and then pretending to get drunk from lukewarm cider.

19. And finally, if at least one of you was a girl, undoing her bra and touching her boobs, but not actually removing any clothing.

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If your date did this now, you'd be annoyed that you were just walking around with an undone bra on.