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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    19 Things You Did At Teen Sleepovers That You Wouldn't Do In 2016

    So much cherryade.

    1. Drinking cherryade until you felt physically sick, and then ramming your mouth full of Jelly Tots.

    Nowadays girls' nights in are all about doing the exact same thing, but with pizza and wine.

    2. Prank calling people you fancied, even if you'd never spoken IRL.

    Doing this now would be unbelievably creepy.

    3. Electing one person to read everyone's horoscopes aloud, and really taking what they said to heart.

    Twitter: @gwrobez

    You might still check your horoscope from time to time, but you probably don't take it as gospel.

    4. Listing everyone in your class and ranking them according to how much you liked them.

    Disney Channel

    You don't even know everyone at your work now, so this would be way too confusing.

    5. Drinking so much Sunny Delight that your tongue turned orange.

    Twitter: @KnowledgeNotes

    No adult can drink that much fruit juice. It's not possible.

    6. Watching a really scary film, or an extremely violent 18-rated film just before bedtime even though you knew you wouldn't enjoy it.

    Artisan Entertainment

    All you want before bedtime nowadays is a nice cup of tea.

    7. Arbitrarily staying up past midnight, even though you were really tired.

    Twitter: @al_burnsss

    The only thing that makes you stay up past midnight now is if you are literally having the best night of your life. And even then, you still kinda wanna get your eight hours sleep.

    8. Playing a sober game of spin the bottle and then awkwardly kissing your friends on the cheek.

    Warner Bros.

    This seemed so risky and fun, but was actually just a bit weird.

    9. Mixing fizzy drinks with ice cream and then eating the whole thing.

    10. All climbing on top of one single bed and jumping up and down on it.

    Sony Pictures

    It was awkward because you kept bumping into each other, but you persevered.

    11. Spending all your money on ringtones that you ordered from the back of a magazine.

    Twitter: @jenzdolphin14

    This seems like a poor use of your money now.

    12. Talking to people you didn't know on MSN.


    If you invited friends over now, and then ignored them because you were DM'ing literal strangers, they'd think you were pretty rude.

    13. Reading your diaries aloud to each other.

    Twitter: @rhian82

    If you keep a diary now, chances are no one sees it.

    14. Raiding your siblings' rooms to see if you could find anything scandalous.


    Doing this now would seem really mean.

    15. Braiding each other's hair using those twizzly machine things.

    Twitter: @jessicabayley

    If they still sold these, you'd probably still do this tbf.

    16. Playing truth or dare with the sole intention of finding out who had started their period.

    The CW

    This would seem pretty intrusive nowadays.

    17. Pretending to be asleep whenever you heard any movement in the house.

    This isn't necessary any more.

    18. Eating so many Chewits that you couldn't finish the dinner your friend's mum cooked for you.

    If you took your own food to your friend's parents' house now, ate it in front of her, and then refused to eat her dinner, you wouldn't be invited back.

    19. And finally, drawing on all your friends' faces in marker pen as they fell asleep.

    Twitter: @funeralpng

    You'd just be a bitch if you did this now.

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