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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Jun 9, 2016

    22 Things That Just Haven't Been Cool Since The '90s

    It's a shame no one trades stickers any more.

    1. Wearing the chunkiest shoes you could get away with to school.

    They had to be Hush Puppies, obvs.

    2. Crimping your hair so often that it legit almost fell out.

    Disney Channel

    If Mary-Kate and Ashley had crimped hair, you wanted it too.

    3. Alternatively, tying your hair up using as many glittery clips as you could possibly get your hands on.

    Doug Peters / All Action General

    It meant you couldn't lie down, but tbh that was OK.

    4. Managing to get a Blue Peter badge.

    Twitter: @jon

    This was your ultimate life goal.

    5. Or better, getting gunged on Get Your Own Back.


    You couldn't think of anything you wanted more.

    6. Owning a fizzy drink–themed pencil case.

    Twitter: @PrimarySklProbs

    You were a nobody unless you had one of these.

    7. Talking to fake boys on Dream Phone.

    Twitter: @SplitTheBills

    There was no better way to spend a Friday night.

    8. Owning a Tamagotchi and putting a serious amount of effort into keeping it alive.

    Twitter: @arijerkface

    Wherever you went, your Tamagotchi went too.

    9. Teaching your Furby to speak English.

    Twitter: @find_listed

    It wasn't actually possible, but that didn't stop you from trying.

    10. Buying loads of Beanie Babies, and then never playing with them so as to keep them pristine.

    Twitter: @D4NtheDinosaur

    You knew you'd make a fortune from them one day.

    11. Fighting endlessly with your friends about who was which Spice Girl.

    Doug Peters / ©

    The blondes among you got very catty over who was Baby.

    12. Owning the biggest Barbie Dreamhouse of all your friends.

    Twitter: @UncannyNegro

    Bonus points if you managed to get one with a horse stable in it.

    13. Answering every insult with "I know you are, but what am I?"

    Aspen Film Society

    It was a surefire way to win a fight.

    14. Dressing exclusively in denim.

    Stefan Rousseau / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    It's a great material – why try any others?

    15. Scheduling your appointments in a Fun Fax.

    Twitter: @KelsHealthStyle

    So professional.

    16. Covering your room in teeny tiny troll dolls.

    Twitter: @ShowaTell

    Owning many troll dolls showed that you were very cool.

    17. Making CDs by downloading music from Napster and then listening to them on your Walkman.

    Twitter: @MuuMuse

    You probably also transported your CDs in a cool CD carrier.

    18. Learning the exact coordinated dance routines to pop songs.

    John Stillwell / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    It was all about All Saints, Destiny's Child, and the Sugababes.

    19. Owning as much stuff that was simultaneously pink and fluffy as you could.

    Paramount Pictures

    This was your dream pen.

    20. Wearing jelly shoes.

    Twitter: @SadieMoorcroft_

    If you were on holiday, you were wearing jelly shoes.

    21. Collecting stickers.

    Twitter: @RosesandRockets

    And trading them at break time.

    22. And owning a fake baby and getting excited when it peed.

    Twitter: @RosesandRockets

    You loved your Baby Born more than your siblings.

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