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58 Things That Really Mattered When You Were A Teenager

"Bag the back seat of the bus, guys."

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1. Having a best friend.

2. Arranging to sit by your best friend on the bus well in advance of any school trip.

3. Securing the back seat of the bus.

4. Having a very clearly defined position in your wider friendship group.

5. Having at least one friend in the year above.

6. Having an older boyfriend.

7. Getting the lead role in your school play.

8. Watching music videos.

9. Learning entire dance routines off by heart.

10. Learning entire songs off by heart.

11. Relating song lyrics to your life.

12. Feeling a spiritual connection with one character in every film you watched.

13. Feeling a spiritual connection with one character in every TV show you watched.

14. Feeling a spiritual connection with one character in every book you read.

15. Saving meaningful texts to your Nokia 3310.

16. Composing ringtones.

17. Having a ringtone that summarised your life.

18. Texting really fast.

19. Texting without vowels.

20. Having a grown up signature.

21. Having a "thing".

22. Having a cool nickname.

23. Having either poker straight hair or beach wave hair but nothing in between.

24. Being in on private jokes.

25. Owning every scented gel pen.

26. Owning every "Bang On The Door" notebook.

27. Owning every flavour of "Smackers" lip balm.

28. Owning every "So..." body spray.

29. Having a signature scent.

30. Taking flattering webcam pictures.

31. Having a poignant MSN status at all times.

32. Knowing whether someone said "brb" because they actually had to do something or because they secretly hated you.

33. Making sure your MySpace profile tune represented who you are.

34. Being in at least 8 people's top MySpace friends.

35. PC4PC.

36. Sneaking funny words into your English GCSE exam.

37. Wearing an extra thin school tie.

38. Rolling up your school skirt.

39. Wearing uncomfortably high school shoes.

40. Poking thumb holes into your school jumper.

41. Writing band names on your school backpack.

42. Wearing your backpack unreasonably low.

43. Passing notes in lessons, even though speaking was an available option.

44. Knowing older kids who could buy you booze.

45. Owning fake ID.

46. Getting served at the pub.

47. Getting sooooooo drunk.

48. Having a signature drink.

49. Compiling a playlist for every occasion.

50. Completing video games.

51. Being at the very front of every gig you ever attended, no matter what the journey involved.

52. Buying records on their release dates.

53. Sitting by the same person in every lesson.

54. Never sitting at the front.

55. Being on the team (any team).

56. Making sure the posters on the inside of your school locker reflected the person you were.

57. Making sure the colour of your braces reflected the person you were.

58. Making sure your Hotmail email address reflected the person you were.