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21 Things Everyone Who Wears Uggs In 2016 Will Relate To

They are the comfiest shoes and you don't need any others.

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1. Everyone knows that Uggs are the comfiest shoes in the world.

Wearing Uggs is like giving your feet a cuddle for a day.


13. Sure, they sometimes make your socks roll down your feet.

Instagram: @mstydon

This can be really annoying, especially if you're wearing ankle socks.

14. And if you own these Ugg slippers, you'll know that it's impossible to keep them tied up.

Instagram: @sophiaaa408

16. But still, despite all their flaws, you know you will love your Uggs no matter what.

Instagram: @delicjaalicja

18. You'll love them when the shoe bit breaks away from the sole.

Instagram: @pattiann13

20. Because, deep down inside, you know that none of those things really matter.

Instagram: @ellie3500

They're just too damn snuggly.

21. You'll always stay loyal to your trusty Uggs.

Instagram: @ruxandra

They've got you through some cold times, and you'll never let them go.