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    52 Things That Mildly Thrill All Twentysomething Grandmas

    There's nothing more thrilling than spending a Saturday morning at Ikea.

    1. Your friend cancelling your evening plans just as you were about to make an excuse.

    2. Planning an entire weekend around the meals you’re going to cook.

    3. Or even better, having literally no weekend plans at all.

    4. Mastering a new recipe and hosting a dinner party so you can show off your cooking to all of your friends.

    5. And your friends leaving your house no later than 10.30pm.

    6. Getting eight hours sleep.

    7. Reading a good book before bedtime and only putting it down when your eyes start to close.

    8. Your friend hosting a birthday brunch instead of an actual party.

    9. Feeling a bit peckish after dinner and remembering that you have a packet of biscuits in the cupboard.

    10. Long baths, especially if they involve wine and candles and a good book.

    11. Getting really cosy pyjamas from your mum for Christmas.

    12. Especially if it’s a matching set.

    13. Or even better, fluffy bed socks.

    14. Going to the cinema in the daytime.

    15. Managing to keep a plant alive.

    16. The homeware section of John Lewis.

    17. Your friend asking for a painkiller/tampon/tissue/hairbrush/piece of chewing gum, and you being able to provide it because your bag is always full of practical things.

    18. Buying new trainers that are really comfy and smart enough to get away with wearing for work.

    19. Being asked to dog-sit.

    20. Long walks followed by huge pub lunches.

    21. Eating a cheap meal from the early bird menu before going to the theatre.

    22. Matinee performances.

    23. Television shows about cooking, redecorating, and moving house.

    24. Buying a new cleaning product and it working really well.

    25. Getting a flight at a normal time, rather than at 6am because it was cheaper.

    26. Discovering a new indoor hobby, like knitting, or keeping a diary.

    27. Feeling smug because the weather is terrible but you wore a warm coat and packed an umbrella.

    28. All of the exciting kitchenware in Lakeland.

    29. Buying an expensive practical thing, but being sure that if will last you for a long time and ultimately be economical.

    30. Finding a cosy piece of knitwear in the sale.

    31. Going to Ikea.

    32. Ordering seasonal fruit and vegetables from an organic delivery service.

    33. But also getting your regular Sainsbury’s shop delivered to your house.

    34. Scented candles.

    35. And infusers.

    36. Getting to the end of your ironing pile before the end of the weekend.

    37. Eating dinner at a friend’s house and being served a surprise cheese course at the end of the meal.

    38. Spending virtually no time on a complicated recipe because you own a food processor that can do all the chopping and grating for you.

    39. Getting invited to a party that’s within walking distance of your house.

    40. Leaving a party before midnight because you “have to get the last train home”.

    41. Drinking wine that’s nice enough to not give you a hangover.

    42. Finding a brand new Netflix series to binge on at the weekend.

    43. Getting all of your chores out of the way before 11am on a Saturday morning.

    44. Going to a party and finding a cat to hang out with.

    45. Spending an evening baking.

    46. A friend booking a quiet area in a pub for their birthday party, instead of a noisy bar.

    47. Ordering plenty of snacks to go with your wine.

    48. Getting ever so slightly glamorous things that you’d never buy for yourself for Christmas, like hand cream and bath bombs.

    49. Your friend arriving five minutes before you agreed to meet, so you don’t have to wait alone.

    50. Naps.

    51. Being offered a selection of herbal teas at your friend’s house.

    52. Getting to spend time with your actual grandma.