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    58 Things That Mildly Annoy Anyone Who Lives With Someone Messy


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    1. When your housemate washes up their mug but leaves the teabag in the sink.

    2. And worse, when they wash up but leave bits of food in the drain.

    3. Especially if their meal involved garlic.

    4. Housemates who wipe kitchen surfaces, but don't use enough spray so they end up just spreading dirt.

    5. People who close stainless-steel cupboards by touching the cupboard doors, rather than using their handles, even though that is literally what handles are for.

    6. People who brush their teeth and leave splodges of toothpaste on the mirror.

    7. Especially when they then Instagram selfies with the caption #dirtymirror, as if showing off a lack of basic cleanliness is something to be proud of.

    8. Housemates who don't wipe the sink after using it.

    9. Housemates who empty the bin but don't replace the bag inside it.

    10. Housemates who push the rubbish down instead of changing the bin bag.

    11. But worst of all, housemates who can quite clearly see that the plastic bag inside the bin has slipped away from the side, but they continue putting rubbish in it, even though it is obviously going to miss the bag and go straight to the bottom of the bin where it will rot.

    12. People who hang their clothes up to dry but don't leave enough space in-between all of the items, so they start smelling kinda weird.

    13. Housemates who finish their dinner and sit around chatting over their dirty plates at the end, as if it's even vaguely pleasant to converse over rotting food.

    14. People who don't tuck their chairs in once they get up.

    15. People who understand the concept of cleaning a bathroom but don't understand the concept of scrubbing inside the toilet bowl so a disgusting, filthy ring forms inside it.

    16. People who clearly should use the last bit of toilet roll but leave one pathetic square behind them because they're literally too lazy to lean over to the bin.

    17. Or even worse, when they use the last bit of toilet roll and balance a new roll on top instead of spending literally five seconds changing it.

    18. But no people are as bad as the people who pile empty toilet rolls around the loo.

    19. Housemates who don't open windows because apparently they're into stale air.

    20. Especially when they're cooking.

    21. And when it gets condensation-y inside, so it feels like you're living in a greenhouse like you're a tomato or something.

    22. Housemates who don't hoover.

    23. Housemates who do hoover, but don't hoover under things.

    24. Housemates who do hoover, and do hoover under things, but don't take the nozzle off and have a proper go at the sideboards.

    25. Housemates who chop onions, drop a bit of skin on the floor, and then don't use a dustpan and brush to clean it up.

    26. Housemates who leave hair in the shower.

    27. Housemates who leave pubes in the shower.

    28. Housemates who never, ever unblock the drain even though it's clearly full of their hair because it is ginger and you are blonde. And also you are not disgusting.

    29. Housemates who don't clean up after a house party because apparently they like living like animals.

    30. Housemates who never take out the bin.

    31. People who don't seem to grasp the concept of taking your shoes off and placing them in the designated shoe area, rather than kicking them off into some stinky heap.

    32. People who think tables are shelves.

    33. People who think tidying up is the same thing as piling all of your belongings on to one chair.

    34. People who think it's appropriate to put empty packets into cupboards.

    35. People who think it's appropriate to put empty containers into fridges.

    36. People who don't understand the very simple concept of not putting bottles into the fridge horizontally so their contents leak everywhere.

    37. Housemates who let mould grow in cups even though penicillin has literally already been invented.

    38. People who don't wash up.

    39. People who do wash up but don't put away, so your drying rack becomes some sort of shit soggy kitchenware Jenga.

    40. People who don't wipe tables.

    41. People who do wipe tables but leave the cloth scrunched up in a little wet pile because apparently they like the smell of mould.

    42. People who only wash the insides of saucepans and not the outsides, even though some of the stuff from the inside has dripped on to the outside.

    43. Housemates who climb into your bed for a chat wearing outside clothes, not pyjamas.

    44. Which is even worse if they're eating something which means they're inevitably going to end up getting crumbs in your bed.

    45. Housemates who cook nice food but don't seem to grasp the fact that it would be quicker and easier for everyone if they washed up as they went along.

    46. People who watch TV under a blanket, and then ~forget~ to pick it up, fold it up, and hang it off the back of the sofa, and just decide to scrunch it up and leave it in a pile on the sofa instead.

    47. People who don't hang up the bath mat to dry.

    48. Housemates who cook food, and put the leftovers in the fridge without covering them, so the smell of their going-off meal infects everything else you might need to refrigerate.

    49. The monsters who go to bed without washing up.

    50. People who don't replace their dishcloths and scouring pads regularly.

    51. People who don't wash their hand and kitchen towels regularly.

    52. Housemates who store their belongings on top of their beds instead of in cupboards, where they belong.

    53. Housemates who leave dairy products out of the fridge because apparently they're into curdling.

    54. People who don't know the difference between knives, forks, and spoons and just stick them all in the same bit of the cutlery holder in the dishwasher.

    55. Or worse, people who wilfully ignore cutlery dividers.

    56. Housemates who don't rinse the insides of containers properly before putting them in the recycling.

    57. People who squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube because sure, that's logical.

    58. And people who commit the greatest sin of all: Offering to clean up to "give you a break" and not doing the job to a high enough standard.

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